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Thread: 3pc T10 Blood DK Tank and 36k unbuffed what gives?

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    3pc T10 Blood DK Tank and 36k unbuffed what gives?

    I've read SEVERAL forums, (hours people), on blood dk tanking, and they all say stack stam because hit/parry comes with end game gear. The problem I seem to having is, even with every gem slot having a 30 stam gem, I still seem to be lacking im my hp pool.


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    Trinkets can be amazing for increasing your health, Juggernauts Vitality, Corroded Skeleton Key, The Black Heart and Essence of Gossamer will increase your health pool by quite a bit, i wouldn't recommend using either of your trinkets for the majority of fights. As for DK advice, i cant help you there, Just try using Stamina trinkets and i recommend changing your shoulder enchant to 30 stamina 15 resilience and gloves enchant to 18 stamina
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    Well for starters their only 251, you also have a lot of 232 gear as well as not having 2 stamina accessories.

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    Your enchants need reworking. First, get a 30 stam in your helm. Second, 30 stam 15 resil to shoulders. 275 hp not 10 stats to chest, 18 stam or 240 armor to gloves, 225 armor to cloak. Also, you need better trinkets, because yours are garbage. Either stamina or armor in both slots.
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    My Death Knight has more than 40k HP unbuffed as Frost (doesn't have the 6% stamina talent), and has never been inside a level 80 raid dungeon. The tanking trinket, sigil, and cloak are the only Emblem of Frost gear I have. Find your weaker gear slots, look up a replacement, and grind it out.

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