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Thread: Demo Lock dps help

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    Demo Lock dps help

    hello i play a Demo lock with a GS of almost 5.8k

    im trying to push my dps to 10-11k right now i seem to hover around 8k-9.5k looking for someone to help me out and tell me if something is wrong gear wise/glyph or rotation wise because no matter what i do i cant seem to get to that lvl it may be gear yet i feel i can pump alot more damage out maybe even switching race


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    Make sure there is a spriest/boomkin in raid
    Make sure corruption is up at close to 100% as possible
    Make cure to apply CoE if there isnt a boomkin/unholy knight, otherwise CoD.
    3 incinerates on a molten core proc.
    dont refresh immolate on soul fire executes, only corruption
    bind demonic empowerment to shadow bolt and soul fire for optimum uptime
    always refresh life tap buff before it runs out
    use spellstone, the haste is better than the crit from a firestone
    Use meta whenever its up unless you are within 126 seconds (2.1 minutes) of a hero being activated or the boss being at 35% or lower health
    I suggest getting the addon "event horizon" less hype than other addons, but better IMO.

    Try to get the mages to focus magic you.

    hope this helps.

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