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Thread: Holy Priest Help

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    Holy Priest Help

    Hey guys, was getting bit sick of tanking all the time and i just happened to score a priest off my brother who doesn't play anymore. Ive just been healing heroics the last couple of days while getting the hang of healbot and I thought i would ask for some advice before stepping things up to a raids.

    honestly im not really sure how i should be gemming and chanting and kinda need to know if there is soft caps etc like when tanking.

    heres the toon anyway

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    Nice. Your first priority should be your hands, pants and boots, which together have almost 200 hit (worthless for healing), and should be replaced for your healing set with hitless items (I would be less concerned with your wand, it's still a good one). Although you're at a gear level where going forward you should be favoring throughput (spellpower and haste) over mana regen (intellect and spirit), your brother left you a bit short on mana regen, and as you gear up I would try to get your mana regen up to around 400+ (inside the five second rule), with a bit larger mana pool than you now have as well. And I would stick to all hybrid gems at this point: reckless ametrine, purified dreadstone, intricate eye of zul, replacing the pure sp on your hands and belt.

    There are no real caps, soft or hard, for a Holy Priest (other than the 50% haste GCD cap, which is not realistically attainable), but there are some guideline priorities and goals you might want to shoot for: around 25% holy crit unbuffed (I think you're close enough), more than 20% haste (and continuing to increase as you go through ICC), and around a 7:1/8:1 ratio of spellpower to mana regen (ifsr) (unbuffed). Maybe when you replace those three pieces of gear and re-gem a bit, you'll be closer to these guidelines. Enchant to achieve balances, but get Tuskarr's for your boots.

    Be sure to create a macro for one of your most-often used spells, like Prayer of Mending or Circle of Healing, so that it triggers your Sliver of Pure Ice trinket on every cd. Raid with Flask of the Frost Wyrm and haste food.
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    Your current Holy spec seems very single-target healing focused, which may hinder you in raids. Taking full points in Divine Fury, Improved Healing, and Empowered Healing will undoubtably give you a strong and efficient Greater Heal and a somewhat better Flash, but in all honesty as a raid healer those 13 points are a huge investment for spells you are likely to rarely cast in a raid environment. Empowered Renew can be very nice depending on how much you use Renew (personally, quite a lot in Icecrown), I would strongly recommend at least 1 point in it to allow your Renew to proc Holy Concentration. Blessed Resilience can be a very powerful talent as it buffs all of your raid healing spells as opposed to specifically single-target spells (as Empowered Healing does). Of course, don't underestimate the value of utility talents such as Holy Concentration and Spell Warding and consider how they could benefit you in ways other than simply making your heals stronger (Pushback on heals can kill, taking less damage is less time spent healing yourself in addition to general survivability). Renew and Flash Heal are also both very debatable glyphs. If you cast the spells in a way which makes them beneficial, by all means keep them, I'm not saying it's wrong to use them but if you aren't used to it perhaps you could consider them more - do you cast enough Flash Heal outside of SoL procs in order to benefit from the mana cost reduction? Do you rely on renew to a point where the duration reduction becomes more of a pain than pleasure to you? Possible alternatives include glyphs such as PoH or GS.

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    I have a holy priest

    Hey there! My holy priest is level 72 now. So far, I've not been too terribly concerned with what stats to stack. I've leveled her purely through healing dungeons since level 35. I have no had trouble until recently I feel as though I am running out of mana and that my heals are not hitting hard enough. The only logical thing to me is that I need to stack more SP and Intellect. What stats does one generally stack on a holy priest, please?

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    Intellect(in the form of Luminous gems) until you don't go oom. Then spellpower and haste. Spellpower+spirit are nice for blue sockets because as holy you get spellpower and mana regen from spirit. I prefer hybrid gems....Luminous/Reckless/Runed/Purified.

    Make sure you are using correct use of your mana saving CD's as well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Oddly View Post
    Be sure to create a macro for one of your most-often used spells, like Prayer of Mending or Circle of Healing, so that it triggers your Sliver of Pure Ice trinket on every cd.
    As a fellow Blood Elf, I would recommend macroing Sliver of Pure Ice to Arcane Torrent. Their cooldowns line up perfectly. Just remember to use it. I use OmniCC to have numerical countdowns for my cooldowns, and the Pulse addon for OmniCC which makes it "flash" when the cooldown is up.

    Also, don't discount Disc as a healing option. Just because your brother liked Holy doesn't mean you'll prefer it. I'd recommend trying out both before making a firm decision on which spec you'd like to raid with. Your gear will work fine for raiding as Disc if you stick with PW:S spam (only SP and Int matter then), but you'll need to retune your gear for crit/haste if you plan on doing any tank healing.

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    Futton and Oddly both gave some great advice.

    I think it bears repeating that you should reconsider your spec. It all depends on your playstyle and role in the raid of course, but if you're going to be into ICC you should probably change some stuff. Because of the prevalence of "aura" fights in ICC, Renew is stronger than ever - you should certainly try fully speccing into it for a little while and see how it works for you. If you don't like it, go back to your old spec.

    I also am not a big fan of the Renew glyph - it's useful in some situations, but a hindrance in many others. Again, try going without it and see how you like it. One thing I highly recommend though is the Guardian Spirit glyph. It is fantastic to have that cooldown every minute, plus if it reverts to the 3 minute cooldown then you have the satisfaction of knowing you saved someone's butt. Flash Heal is a useful glyph for situations where you use it often, like 5-mans and stuff - once you get into raiding it's easily replaceable though.

    Just for reference, this is the spec and glyph setup that I use: http://www.wowhead.com/talent#bVcbhZsxtcbMqihhsuAo:0Nd - there is no such thing as a "cookie cutter" Holy spec, and you need to tweak it to your own tastes and playstyle. This is what works for me though, as a pure raid healer who still occasionally uses GHeal as a tank healing spell.

    Gear-wise, you need to swap out your meta for the Insightful Earthsiege, which is the best healer meta unless you are absolutely rolling in more mana than you can possibly use. The mana proc goes off all the time.

    Also try to replace that hit gear. The wand is hard to replace, but tier 9 legs are not hard to farm.

    Good luck and happy healing!

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