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Thread: Better Gearing setup for Icc 25 man (advise Needed)

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    Better Gearing setup for Icc 25 man (advise Needed)

    Been tanking for a while now and i wanted to know if my setup is good and if there is a better setup. Always lookin for advise to better improve myself for the guild im in.

    and i have these extra tankin pieces on the side

    Neck - [Bile-Encrusted Medallion]
    Shoulders - Boneguard Commander's Pauldrons]
    Chest - [Cataclysmic Chestguard]
    Hands - [Gauntlets of the Kraken]
    Belt - [Belt of Broken Bones]
    Legs - [Pillars of Might]
    Boots - [Grinning Skull Greatboots]
    Rings - [Abomination's Bloody Ring] [Juggernaut Band]
    Trinkets - [The Black Heart] [Corpse Tongue Coin]
    Weps - [Honor of the Fallen] [Bonebreaker Scepter] [Last Word]
    Shield - [Neverending Winter]

    My spec is ok but if u can find better glyphs to put in ill do it
    Thanks for your time people of tankspot
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    Moved to HALP forum where this belongs. If you want to link mouseovers, just copy/paste the links from wowhead.

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    Use the Bile-Encrusted neck, Pillars of Might, and work on getting your sanctified chest, in the meantime use Cataclysmic as it is miles ahead of Blightborne. I would also switch in the greatboots instead of Kingly Upheaval. Otherwise good to go, you just could be taking advantage of a lot more effective health than you currently are. Cheers.
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