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Thread: dungeons finder/pug horror storys

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tinytankz View Post
    Ok last night i got new gears and was sitting at 35k HP i thought Surely now i can tank H:HoR....No i dont want to blame anyone in that group per say but, i did not lose aggro, i did not target out of order (preist>rogue dude>mage>warrior>hunter) i was using the alcove to LoS all mobs to me and i was effectivly using CD's to cut that large wave of damage on waves 4 and 5 due to the large number of mobs i have on me, and yet i still die 4 different healers 10 dps die die die die. I hated it man i repaired 3 times wasted all the gold i had saved farming earlier that night i just cuoldnt do it. And best yet i kept hearing Warriors Cant tank this place tiny next time i can sorry bro but i am going to VTK. I hate pugs sometimes i can faceroll through VoA 10 (i did so immediatly after) and i am more than ready for 25man ToC but that run killed me a little inside
    dude just keep trying... until u get it. ihave a warrior tank. and hated that place but sometime its the dps. not thetank. just use shockwave and thunderclap when u have atleast the two melee on your reach.

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    I can clear to falric of sheer Willpower and cooldowns my healers jsut cant keep me up cause DPS doesn't know what focus fire or LoS mean. I am simply running normal for my shield i need nothing from heroic now

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    I'm finding a lot of the lower geared people are gearing a alts; seems there's an alt explosion in the lead up to Cat - I know I'm leveling some alts before Cat drops. This is actually nice, they know the dungeons, but sometimes don't know their limitations.

    But for all the horror stories, I had a great group for H DTK the other day. Everyone was above 5600 gs, we skipped two bosses, pulled entire rooms and finished in about 10 mins. Everyone know what they were doing and everyone was on the same page - letting me get aggro on all the mobs then burning them. It was really nice for a change.

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    Tiny is right. The cleanest HOR clear is one when the DPS works with the tank, not against him. It seems like alot of DPS see all these red names and just go nuts, trying to attack anything they can. A good tank will take the wellbeing of the other 4 people as his personal responsability and this causes things to be spread far too thin.

    Next time you go into that hellhole, make it very clear that there is a kill order, and any deviation will result in that players death.

    I was also in a wicked fast DTK on my ele shaman not too long ago, we pounded through it super fast. I didn't even have time to cast spells on some packs. it was amazing.
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