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Thread: Death Knight tankingk, getting geared for ICC10

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    Death Knight tankingk, getting geared for ICC10

    D: http://www.wowarmory.com/character-s...Peak&cn=Tharic this is my Armory link.

    As the title shows, I am thriving to tank ICC10, but as you can guess no one will take unbuffed (self-buffed with frost presence) 36k HP guy. Any replacement advices would be very helpful. Mainly, I think I'll need to replace one of my ring, my neck, my cloak and trinkets. Source of that Item would be very helpful . Thnx you!

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    Well for one your shoulders arent gemmed.

    As for your gear. there are plenty of upgrades available through ToC10/25m as well as their Heroic Version and Ony25 does offer a new neck and trinket.

    36k HP Self-buffed for ICC is not too bad.. especially considering the 15% HP, DMG, Healing that is active now. If you get into a guild and run it with them you shouldn't really have too much of a problem.

    Continue to run VoA10/25m for your T10 pieces and try and get upgrades from ToC25m/Ony25m those offer the biggest upgrades for you.

    As far as your cloak. 60 Frost badges and you'll hafve almost BiS cloak and will use it a long time

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    Also Regarding your Spec Choices. You always want 5/5 in Blade Barrier, Toughness and Anticipation the rest really is personal preference. Not maxing one of these kinda hurts yourself

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