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Thread: WTF am i doing?

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    WTF am i doing?

    Ok so....i'm aware that the question i am about to ask more that likely has been answered many many times before, so i am prepared for the hate mail. Anyway, my Warrior tank has some issues. I have been following MaxDPS.com for the gems ans enchants that i should be using even though before i found this sight i just got my Def up to 540 then stacked Stam. Well according to MaxDPS.com it is telling me to stack Dodge. Now at first this made sense with the debuff in ICC. However the more gear i got the more Dodge it kept telling me to stack and the more Stam i was losing. I figured that further along in the gear i got it would start with the Stam again. Looking ahead and the next gear piece that i would be recieveing MaxDPS kept telling me still to stack dodge, that is when i started to question this web sight. So the other tank in my guild told me to lose the dodge crap and stack stam again provided i was at the 540 Def. With that said i need help from the other Warriors out there in telling me what i am doing wrong and do i keep the Dodge or do i drop it and stack the Stam. Very confused~Foodnetwork

    P.S. Max DPS also tells me to stack Str for my Arms Spec, again is this correct?

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    Don't gem avoidance. Read Aggathon's prot warrior guide in the Gear and Enchanting discussion, then check out the thread in there about Stam gemming.

    For Arms gearing it depends where you are at, but most people are running ArP. You should stop checking out Maxdps and download landsouls spreadsheet methinks. Seems MaxDPS has not read the patch notes.
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    NEVER listen to MaxDPS.com. It is a good place to find loot and get an idea for its rank. Its ranking system is wrong 90% of the time and has horrible gemming advice. Only use it to find where loot drops and to have an idea how good it is. You need to analyze gear deeper than just the numbers they give you.

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    also, maxdps has no value until you fill in all of your information, stats, talents, current gear, etc. Otherwise it shows false priorities

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