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Thread: Help me improving my dps

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    Help me improving my dps

    hey there,

    i recently start playing with my rogue and i'm really likeing...
    but my problem is, i cant get a normal and constant dps, normaly my hits are 5k, and rarely i can do 15k hit (crit), and for me, this should happen more times...well my gear is not the best atm, but its not so bad (wowarmy)
    my rotation is sinister strike x5 > SnD > Sinister Strikex5 > Evn

    with this rarely i cant hit/crit the 15k help me, what i'm doing wrong ?

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    Gear looks decent.

    The combat rotation is a bit different, though.

    First, sinister strike once. This gives you one or two combo points.
    Now, slice and dice.
    Sinister strike again until you have five combo points (that won't necessarily be 5 x Sinister Strike, more likely two or three)
    Then, Eviscerate. Don't envenom, envenom is for Mutilate builds.

    Now just keep slice and dice up and repeat.

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    hmm, ok thanks, will try it

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    Two more suggestions - farm up enough Triumph badges to replace your helm and ToC10 trinket. You're sitting WAY over the expertise cap, and need to drop some of it pronto.

    The triumph badge helm also has ArP on it, which will help you reach the softcap for your trinket.

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