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Thread: Prot Warrior Tank - Too hard to heal

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    Prot Warrior Tank - Too hard to heal

    Hello All

    I am relatively new to tanking, mostly running heroics and OTing weekly raids every once in a while (thanks for the awesome TankStop Vids BTW). Anyway I've been fairly successful in all the heroics I run except for HoR. I'm usually able to get through the first 5 groups of trash and Falric, but can never seem to make it through the next 5 rounds of trash. I can hold aggro, but always end up wiping. In the last run the healer said I was too hard to heal. I'm popping CD's and Trinks like mad trying to help him out, but it isn't enough.

    I'm willing to accept that I'm just not geared well enough for it yet if that's the case, but if anyone can offer any Gear/Spec advice to help me out with what I have now that would be very much appreciated.

    Armory Link

    Thanks in advance!

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    The first thing I noticed about your armory link is the overabundance of defense you have. I would consider regemming to reduce your defense down closer to the 540 mark. This will allow you to concentrate on getting more stam on your gear. I wouldnt worry about socket bonuses too much unless youre getting 9+ stam from it. Ill take a more in depth look at your link when i get home as I'm on my phone atm.

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    Stop matching socket colours +30 stam everywhere except that which is need to light up the meta.

    You might want to rethink your spec the 2 points in cruelty could easily be used in improved discipline which would bring your shield wall down to 2min and give you more CD's to use to reduce dmg.

    Even as you are however you shouldnt be hard to heal up to around TOC raid level ICC would be a bit rugged but 1st qtr is doable. Who said you were hard to heal?
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    On top of switching all your gems to stamina, cloak enchant should go to 225 armor instead of the defense. Shield- drop spike for 18 stam, gloves- drop threat for 18 stam or 240 armor.

    These are minor changes though, doesnt look like a tank gear issue, might want to check the healer out though. Another cheap thing to give you a boost, might be picking up some armor potions. Can use them all the time in heroics and the 3500 armor will make a huge difference at your gear lvl.

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