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Thread: Arms Warrior Advice

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    Arms Warrior Advice

    After being faceroll fury for quite a while now in ICC-10, my GM has asked me to switch to Arms now that we are starting ICC-25. Getting used to the rotation should come with time, but I am looking for some advice.

    1. With my current gear, am I geared enough for the Incite Spec, or should I swap to improved execute?

    2. Are there any addons/mods that you would recommend?

    3. Help me not suck :P

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    I can recommend "eventalert" and "quartz" as addons. I've got no advices on your equipment though but I am just a novice compared to surtain other persons on this forum ^^

    also I forgot: You are fury on the armory link. If you want to fo arms I suggest to swap all your +str gems with +arm pen but as fury warrior you are set to go. imo.

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    power auras was a huge help when i switched from fury right before ulduar was released to track all the procs and cd's that arms has. i basically made little icons for abilities/procs to show me if i had tfb/sd procs or rend not on target or ms available. i put timers on sd and tfb proc icons to let me know how long i had left to use them (important so you use a tfb proc before the next one comes up). you can see an example of what i am talking about in my ui thread linked in my sig.

    since you are not that familiar with arms spec i would suggest using the standard 54/17 (imp execute) spec since it simplifies it quite a bit. for example, once you reach execute phase on a boss, the rotation becomes tfb overpower > ms > execute > execute > tfb overpower while refreshing rend as needed. with incite spec, you have to be familiar with slam/heroic strikes throughout the fight and good with rage management to make sure you do not over-hs and rage starve yourself. the key to doing good dps (competitive dps against fury) is utilizing every gcd and making sure you use the highest dmg ability available for each gcd.

    i would suggest reading the complete arms guide stickied at the top of the dps forum to get a better understanding of arms, its priority-based rotation, and how to go about gearing yourself for it. also, keep in mind that expertise cap is not exactly needed as arms since it will just proc an overpower (unless you have to sunder for your raids, then i would suggest you cap it however fury is better for sunder-botting). if you decide to drop expertise to make up form more stats like arp, just move overpower above rend in the priority list.

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