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Thread: ICC10 am I able?

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    ICC10 am I able?

    Ive been trying to get into a ICC10 for weeks, I know im a good tank but I have been starting to wonder if its just my gear dosnt cut it... Or maybe I just have bad luck...

    I have a 2759 WoW-Heroes Gearscore and 34k health unbuffed

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    RL look for tanks with lots of health. I know you seem to like avoidance but it will be especially hard to get into runs with 34k. That is Ulduar level health. Some easy fixes to get you past 38k are:

    +18 stam to gloves (Borean Armor Kit)
    +20 Stam to shield
    +30 Stam to shoulders (10k honor in SW)
    + 275 health to chest

    New trinkets (In order of importance):

    - Corroded Skeleton Key
    - Satrina's Impeding Scarab
    - Black Heart
    - Essence of Gossamer

    Avoidance trinkets like yours are good for fights like Saurfang, but for fights with lots of damage most groups will want to see that health.

    After adding up everything:


    = 369 Stamina = aprrox. 3690 health

    3690+34,264= 37,954 health

    38k isn't amazing but for a starter group it's an instant invite. If you add another stam trinket you could reach near 40k easily. Have fun.

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    Awsome thanks, Ill be sure to do that... but about te trinkets where does the scarab drop?

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    Satrina's Impeding Scarab - 25 Man ToC, Faction Champions
    The Black Heart - Toc 5 Man, The Black Knight
    Corroded Skeleton Key - 60 Frost Badges
    Essence of Gossamer - 5 Man AN, Hadronox

    The Black Heart should be cake to get and the key can also be easy if you do Voa and dailies all the time. The scarab will take a bit of luck but with ToC 25 getting facerolled nowadays it should be much easier. Essence of Gossamer is off of Hadronox in AN. Very Easy

    If you are having trouble finding loot get Atlasloot as an addon. You might want to also visit MaxDPS.com. DO NOT listen to their order of gear importance. It is wrong most of the time. Just simply use it as a guideline top find gear appropriate to your raiding level.
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