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Thread: [Frostmane - Horde] <The High and Mighty> Recruiting Casual Raiders {10m Raiding}

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    [Frostmane - Horde] <The High and Mighty> Recruiting Casual Raiders {10m Raiding}

    <The High and Mighty>
    Frostmane Horde


    Hello All,

    My guild is currently recruiting a few select players to complete are primary 10m group. We are a dedicated group of friends that have transferred from are old server Ursin to rock are new server and represent are guild.

    We are a dedicated 10m raiding guild. We build are internal numbers though leveling alts, the reason we like to do this is because it helps the guild grow without leaving people out of raiding. We run 25m raids as well as are primary 10m but pug out the spots needing to be filled.


    ICC 10m: 10/12 [ need to fill are open spots to move forward ]
    TOGC 10m: 5/5

    Raid Times

    We currently raid on select days though the week [mostly Wednesday-Friday ]
    7PM Server[also US/Central] - 10PM Server[also US/Central]

    Spots to be filled
    Primary 10m

    1x Tank [would pref pally / druid]
    3x DPS [pref hunter / warlock]

    Contacting <The High and Mighty>

    If you have any questions please contact are officer Lightupafaty or our Raid Leader Stiffler.

    You can also vist the website to sign up.

    You can also contact me about doing a trail run on any of my characters.
    Coralreefer [Druid]
    Phatpimp [Warrior]
    Chronicmojo [DK]
    Budbanger [Rogue]

    Thanks All for reading and have a great day!
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