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Thread: druid tank treat issues

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    druid tank treat issues

    hello first of all my armory

    now i have some treat issues - i just dont make enough of it

    i start with fff to pull then mangle + maul , lacerate x3, mangle, lacerate x2 and then just swipe most of the time and mangle and fff when off cd's. i have all abilities macro with maul so i didnt wrote it.
    i want to try and replace the FR glyph to mangle since it now gives 10% more damage so i think it can do some improve and im thinking of getting 2 hand mace.

    plz some help if u think i need to do something else.

    btw i tryed the berserk treat build and its not really worked for me

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    Hmm. I was going to say that you had a crap weapon, but you have a fairly good one. That's almost always the reason people have threat issues.

    Your rotation is basically fine. I assume you're keeping the lacerate stack up otherwise.

    The main advice I'd have is simply to berserk at the start of a fight. Do a mangle, lacerate, berserk, mangle. You can skip the lacerate if you know there'll be a bleed on the target, but otherwise you want to do it so you can get more maul threat and damage.

    It would help if you said when you're having threat issues - with other DPS? On certain encounters? Compared to other tanks?

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    personal choice but especially if you have the new idol it is nice to wait till lacerate has a 5 stack before zerking so you have a 5 stack of the agi buff

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