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Thread: ToC need advice

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    ToC need advice

    I tanked ToC 10 man last night my tanking was fine but there was a problem. we kept dieing on the worms. as far as i know i got bile most of the time and no one was callin out the other poison. no one would run to me maybe cause they were to far or they did not notice they had it. Is there a good strat or something for 10 man where tank keeps gettin the bile. also on one of the attempts we downed one of the worms does this cause the other worm to enrage cause he started to do ridiculous dmg at this point. do you have to kill them evenly.

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    Everyone should be running to the tank kiting Dreadscale, if the other tank gets the debuff from Acidmaw, then you kite dreadscale to him to cleanse off the bile.

    Once Acidmaw dies, Dreadscale enrages, it's a fight mechanic.
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    kk thanks

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