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Thread: massacrejons needs a gem/chant/gear help

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    massacrejons needs a gem/chant/gear help

    howdy, I am a paladin tank and I have done fine so far in heroics and what not. I have raided on my hunter and want to prepare to raid tank prefferably main tank as that is what i did back in bc. I got into a hhor last night and we got our ass wooped and it was just the simple fact that i could not pick up the ads fast enough. The rest of the group stayed in the corner even though every time i did this instance healing or dps on other chars no one was ever in the corner. The mobs ran straight for group through my consecration and I was useing every aoe thing I have and even though i would hold aggro the group would still take dmg and my group totally random went through 2 healers and then I dropped group cause I thought maybe it was my fault not the groups. I am a seasoned tank so I was surprised that I had any problems at all. I figured maybe it was my gemmin or my gear I know I am not ready to go tank anything big but maybe ulduar or something is doable with my stats. my big question is what gear do I have that is acceptable and where are the better upgrades so I can start tankin VoA ToTC and ICC i am finishin up the t9 with triumphs but I would it seems as if I have a problem with gear maybe strategy for tankin has changed even though i ran instances non stop while lvlin to 80 as the tank. would like any advice on gear gemmin strategy as i have searched for advice and it seems it is just sayin pally tanks need to be more xperience but I have that so I am turning to the professionals for advice on what needs to change I have no problems with mana consumption without using wisdom. I hold aggro even with aoe on someone who has 5900 gs and aint holdin back. How did i fail tankin HHoR?

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    I am in holy gear my bad will repost for advice once i get off of work.

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