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Thread: Questions About Frost Gearing (Tank)

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    Questions About Frost Gearing (Tank)

    First off, here is my armory:


    Here is the WoW-Heroes link if you prefer it:


    Ok; yesterday I got the iLvl251 tanking gloves from VoA 10, but they have just been kind of sitting in my inventory. Is it worth breaking the T9 4-piece bonus for them?

    My second question is in regards to the T10 set bonuses; the 2-piece bonus seems pretty solid, but I'm having mixed feelings about the 4 piece bonus. Should I aim at getting the off pieces (Gauntlets of the Kraken/Cataclysmic Chestguard) or pick up the set pieces and hold onto them and upgrade them to the 264 version?

    Also, today I will be up to 60 frosts, and there are 3 things I have in mind that would be big upgrades for me, the trinket, belt, and cape.

    I'm not completely sure which I should get first, is there a rough order in which I should buy frost gear?

    Thanks in advance for any help!

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    Well, gearing seems so personal at times, that you probably won't hear two identical opinions about it.

    I would recommend Corroded Skeleton Key first, since it is a huge improvement over the JC trinket. Some people might say it's bad because of it's not very usefull CD, but in terms of EH it rules supreme and I don't need any more motivation to get it.

    Then you should probably get the Sentinel's Winter Cloack, since it is a pretty big upgrade to the Blade Polisher and pretty much anything else for that matter.

    After this most people go for the Verdigris Chain Belt, which I didn't, since it would have replaced the Shieldwarder Girdle and deprived me of my hit cap. And I'm a dog for the hit, so I bought the T10 gloves next, aming for the 2-piece bonus and leaving the belt for the time I get my paws on the Boots of Kingly Upheaval. However, YMMV on this one, if you don't really care about hit, you might want to go straight for the Verdigris Chain Belt.

    After that it's all about T10 set pieces vs i264. If you know you'll never go to raids and ICC in particular, you don't really need the 4-piece bonus, hence, i264 gloves and chest will do just fine. If you plan on tanking ICC, 12% additional DR for 10 sec each minute is major, especially for the boss fights. A for which of the i264 is better, I prefer Cataclysmic Chestguard over Gauntlets of the Kraken, because of hit on T10 set gauntlets, extra gemming slot on the Cat chest, and quite a puzzling distribution of stats on T10 chest piece.
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    Ok thanks,

    Running the numbers (factoring in gem/socket bonuses and all), here are the raw gains of the three:

    Corroded Skeleton Key:

    111 Stamina

    Sentinel's Winter Cloak:

    65 Sta
    31 Str
    582 Armor
    14 Defense (2.85)
    17 Dodge (0.43%)

    Verdigris Chain Belt:

    84 Sta
    63 Str
    10 Agi
    822 Armor
    14 Defense (2.85)
    63 Parry (1.28%)

    The belt seems to be the best overall improvement, but unfortunately on my server GS is everything, and people want 5.5k+ gs just to run ICC 10 ( I tank it fine with my 4.8k gs right now..)

    The skeleton key does give me the biggest gearscore boost, and a hefty chunk of stamina as well, so I will more than likely just go with th

    Thanks for your help & opinions. One other question I just thought of since you mentioned those boots though.

    Is there any crafted gear I should aim for (Legs/Boots), or should I just not worry about it and wait for ICC/VoA drops and just save my money/frosts?

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    Well, for boots the only ones which rival Boots of Kingly Upheaval are the Heroic Grinning Skull Greatboots. The problem is that they drop from Valithria Dreamwalker (the Dreamwalker Cache, more specifically) in 25H ICC. Hence, you're very unlikely to get close to them unless you're in a really solid raiding guild. Normal Grinning Skull Greatboots are the alternative from 25N with the same ilevel, but with exp instead of hit. But I'd pass on exp, since it isn't as usefull as hit... at least for us DK tanks. So Boots of Kingly Upheaval seem the only logical choice.

    As for the Pillars of Might, it's complex. If you're still going after the 4-piece bonus, getting Pillars means trading Cat chest for T10 chest. Here's the comparison of the two pairs, and it clearly shows that Pillars and T10 chest do better than Cat chest and T10 greaves. However, Pillars cost something close to 16 k only in Primordial Saronite (unless you can really drive a hard bargain or for some reason it sells cheap on your realm). As for me, I have settled on Boots of Kingly Upheaval, which costed me dearly, and I'm not really looking forward for something like a one to two-week grind to get 16 k gold for the Pillars. I'm sure I'm not the only one who feels this way.
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    Eh, I think I'll aim at getting the Boots (about 5k on my server, not too bad) but I'll just skip the pillars and I'll probably buy the t10 legs last (hoping for a drop from VoA)

    Thanks again for the help. ^^

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