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Thread: Help! Tanking after hiatus.

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    Help! Tanking after hiatus.

    Hey there Tankspot!

    I've just been on a rather long hiatus from WoW which made me miss a good half of raiding Ulduar, and pretty much all of Icecrown Citadel. Here's my gear currently.


    I'm aware of the fact that my Titanguard isn't enchanted yet. I'm still working on getting the cash/materials for that. (Blade ward, by the way? Right?)

    I'm worried that I've been trying to get myself geared up for the past few days, and noticing tanks with 50k HP being accepted for raids while me, with my 36.9k sits out. It's freaky.

    Also, the Monarch Crab is something I'm finding hard to let go of, just because of the fact that it gives me 1.4k HP by itself. Is it worth it to ditch that for a no-stam better-midigating trinket?

    Any advice is welcome. Thank you all in advance!

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    Greetings, and welcome back.

    Blood Draining appears to be the clear cut favorite, not Bladeward, at the moment.

    The "left out" feeling is understandable. You're going to hear that your gear is marginal for ICC 10, but in my opinion, you should do just fine in there on the first 4/12, provided you understand the fights. A couple of clears on the lower spire and your gear will improve without doubt.

    In the short term, you may want to look into some of the more "affordable" craftable pieces to help with your health pool. The 226 crafted belt and boots have ample gems lots to fill eith +30 stamina. The Sarnoite Swordbreakers will take care of your wrist slot for quite some time.

    As you start accumulating Frost Badges, you'll want to invest in the cloak and then the belt. After that it's your preference.

    And I held on to the crab for quite some time on one of my tanks. I wouldn't get rid of it, in fact I'd carry multiple trinkets and swap depending on your needs. It's nice to have a stamina trinket with an "on use" avoidance proc handy.

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