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Thread: Bear needs help

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    Bear needs help

    Hey all,
    I have been a resto/feral druid for awhile now, but mostly a casual. I don't have a lot of time to raid these days so I hop on and run a random or a BG and don't play until the next day. I have worked my way up to having, I think, a decent set up for feral and resto with the gear to match. This way I can queue for all 3 slots and find random groups fairly quickly. Most often I get picked as tank, and for the most part I do just fine.
    Last night I got picked for an ICC pit of saron run. I know the instance as I have healed it on my priest several times. I admit my gear might be a bit low for ICC heroics, but I was still up for the challenge. Immediately after zoning in the resto druid in the group says to the party "The tank is fail, leave now and save yourself the repair bill." "He has a dps spec and dps gems, and thinks he can tank just because he is feral." Then everyone proceeds to leave the party and I am left standing there in my own tears and anger.

    So here I am tankspot, Enlighten me! I just found out that in 3.2 they changed resillence to only work against other players, news to me ok, so I should work on getting pve gear instead of using furious glad stuff, but is it that horrible? I mean it has a butload of stam and agi on it, the two things bears love most right? I realize some of my gems are dumb, so I am working on swapping out to the +24 stam gems in most places. But am I really that full of fail? I have tanked every heroic just fine, and even later last night I ended up in someone elses failed pug that was on the last boss of Pit of Saron, I tanked him fine and with a healer with 3400 GS even.

    Please help me be less "fail". I know i need to replace a couple gems, and I plan to start saving emblems for t9 feral stuff since pvp gear isnt as good anymore. What is wrong with my spec though? Any other blatant problems or was this guy just an a-hole?

    Thanks for any advice!


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    Well, he wasn't completely an a-hole. You have geared, gemmed, spec'd and probably enchanted all wrong. You dont need to use PVP gear anymore since we have Survival against the fittest talent which basically negates the need to stack defense rating, but that doesnt mean you shouldnt.

    Spec : http://www.wowhead.com/talent#0ZxGGs...VkbAczb:zn0Mzc

    You dont need 5/5 furor because you wont be shifting forms except when to innervate/heal yourself etc out of combat, Imp. MotW is a must have, increasing your buff and your stats. Imp. Mangle is a waste of points and so is King of the Jungle, stick those into Infected wounds to increase your survivability and some classes get increased damage from slowed opponents (ex. Mages)

    Glyphs you really dont have much choice on. Survival & Fittest will help with those "oh shit" moments, Maul will help with AoE tanking.

    Gems : socket everything with +30 stamina except one which you put +10 agi +15 stam to activate your metagem.

    Enchant for stamina/agi or those stats wherever you can.

    Gear : Most of it will look like dps gear, which it technically is but that is how a feral tank tanks. Neck, rings, trinkets and back should be defense orientated. Rest you'll be hard pressed to find a defensive option.

    You aren't complete fail, just a few tweaks here and there for good reasons and your set. Some people can be really picky over the smallest of things but just rise above them. Good luck farming heriocs, now where did I leave my spade?

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    Excellent, thank you. I came back from a break and copied the spec from BBB's blog so I guess I didnt pay attention to everything. It makes sense though to skip king of the jungle and I meant to get Imp MoTW but havent gone back to moonglade to switch that.

    I think my enchants are ok for most of them, but i was going to switch shoulders to the pvp 30 stam enchant.
    Thanks again for the tips.

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    I think people need to consider what content you are doing. If you are only doing 5 mans, you probably don't have to stack all stam and some of your enchants can probably be more all around like agility. Especially if you are queing as three roles even though you likely would never get dps role to pop first, if you are wanting to dps King of the Jungle might be valuable for the extra energy if you don't have some of the other cat talents but you'd want to max it out instead of 2 points.
    Imp Mangle is debatable, I've seen some like it and some don't find they need it, but I think all agree it's all or none putting one or two points in it isn't worth it. Infected
    Wounds is not necessary for doing 5 mans. That's what I would go with.


    You could take the points out of King of the Jungle and put them in Predatory Attacks (If you had plans to do some dps) or Infected Wounds.

    Also for doing 5 mans you can gem for slot bonuses and be fine you don't have to put all stam and one purple. You could use red (agi or stam and agi) yellow (crit and stam) and blue (stam).
    For shoulder enchant I'd suggest 30stam 15 resil for10k honor (I know resilience won't do anything in pve but you said you like to bg it up that would work and the stam is nice) or I'd get 40 ap and crit. I don't think 20 dodge 15 def is that valuable.

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    Long time drood tanking (and healing) here. For your spec i'd recommend this for mainly 5 mans http://www.wowarmory.com/talent-calc...00000000000000

    And imp mangle 3/3 + Idol of mutilation make beautiful music together. Keep'em as a pair for now.

    For serious raids you'll need a external source to provide a better -attack speed debuff. Do note however that this is a tanking spec, your cat DPS may not be stellar.
    And GET OUT of resilience gear for your pve. It may have nice stamina and such, but your threat will be low. Get the T9 emblem gear to replace it, for starters.

    Gem that emblem gear with stamina or agi/stamina gems if you deem the socket to be worth it (epic gems, you can get raw epic gems from honor, you can get honor by doing heroics when your faction holds wintergrasp->get stone shards->convert stone shards to honor at wintergrasp vendor->visit your Honor quartermaster in your capital city->buy raw gems, advertise in /2 and you'll get a jewlcrafter to cut it for you for a small fee).

    And stay out of Hals of reflection HC for now.

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