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Thread: tank that is hard to heal

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    tank that is hard to heal

    Im kinda a noob at the forum chat type situations and frankly noob to the game other than what ive picked up from just playing here lately in icc 10 and 25 healers tell me im really hard to heal from the paper cut out of me www.wowarmory.com/character-sheet.xml?r=Terokkar&cn=Staybuft everything looks ok to me is this more my problem or do i need to find someone that is going to heal me better and stop QQing all the time. If it is my fault I want to fix it any advise will be taken seriously.

    Thanks in advance

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    You're in DPS gear :-/

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    Sorry about that, that was what i was playing and didnt pay attention here should be my tank set http://www.wowarmory.com/character-s...ar&cn=Staybuft

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    You may wanna consider swapping out some +def gems and enchants for stamina. Your unbuffed HP is a tad low and your defense is a bit high (+49 over cap). Granted it's not bad to have extra defense, but once you reach 540, actively gemming and enchanting for defense is not advisable.

    As for gems, a good rule to follow would be, if the socket bonus is not +9 stamina, just use a +30 stam gem in it, you'll get more HP that way (i.e. saronite swordbreakers).

    Disclaimer: I'm a newbie tank and i'm just going with what i've read in the guides so far

    edit: You might wanna get blood draining instead of blade ward for your weapon.

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    I liked blade warding better when I first got into icc. I'm still snaring if blood draining is better. With the healers we have blooddraining doesn't really get used. Where the extra threat from bladewarding was nice.

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    maybe the problem is elswere

    1. try to move away from dodge. In ICC you have the -dodge aura, it's not feasible to stack it high because you get into diminishing returns ranges, prioritize armor and stamina.
    to that end, consider downgrading the ilvl 251 ring to clutch of fortification emblem ring (should be easy to grab), chanting the cloack with armor, swap the glyph of idomility trinket with the ilvl 264 frostys one, switch the shoulder enchant to 30 stamina 15 resil (yes, you red it correctly, it's a better tanking shoulder enchant)
    2. tehnique: keep up demoralizing shout, keep up thunderclap, be carefull NOT to turn your back to the boss/mobs. Stagger your defensive cooldowns for the tough ones.
    3. tell your healers to HTFU (google what it means). This ain't your ZzzZZzzz random HC, this is BAT COUNTRY, if they don't pump 9k HPS on you on a regular basis they don't have anything to complain about (festergut phase 3 (gass-less room) doesn't count).
    Average throughput for healers on hard to heal encounters should be (Install Recount guessed absorbs for viewing Disc priest performance on recount):
    - 5 to 10kHPS for raid healers
    - 3 to 5k HPS for purely tank healers

    All in all, if the healers are at about 5k hps each, you are balanced in the healing department and you have no slackers. Monitor this from fight to fight and note if a healer doesn't reach this on any fight, you may be overhealed or you may have a baddy™ (oh ya, i don't need raid frames to heal a 25 man raid, i R use standard frames and i R can CLik !)
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    If the healers are compaining, they must think you need more EH. So the first thing I would recommend is putting away the Glyph of Indomitability (at least for those fights where healers are feeling too stressed) and getting the Corroded Skeleton Key instead. Its click may not be as good, but it surely provides much more EH than the Glyph. Gemming for stamina instead of avoidance will also help, but to a lesser extend.
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    You really don't need to worry about socket bonuses. +8 dodge will not serve you as well as the extra 15 stam you could have had.

    Gemming for avoidance is usually bad. Gemming for parry is almost always bad.

    Defense past 540 is not bad, but is sub-optimal. Take what is on the gear but stop gemming or enchanting for it at that point.

    Blade ward is not good. The proc rate is bad and the proc drops on the next swing almost every time. Mongoose and Blood Draining are better.

    Armsman is not good. Look for the stam or armor enchant for gloves.

    Armor enchant on cloak.

    275 hp enchant on chest.

    PvP shoulder enchant has already been mentioned.

    18 stam enchant on shield.

    Make sure that you are using good technique as mentioned by a previous poster - don't let mobs behind and use cds at the right times.

    All that being said, you should still not be hard to heal. At least, not significantly harder to heal than another tank of your gear level which is respectable. If you are not working on 25 hardmodes, you are geared ok, even if there are some improvements possible.
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    Sorry i have to say this but, everybody thats telling you to put away the glyph of fortification is wrong, keep it, replace the black heart with the frost trink if you get the chance. If you drop that your armor will go down to about 28k, thats way to low. That is very bad in ICC, the static armor you get from the triumph badge trinket is better than what you get from the black heart. (remember ~10 armor = 1 stam). Glyph + skeleton key is better. Also, the guy above me hit the nail on the coffin and timberton's advice is spot on also.

    Edit: After making this post i realized that the 15% buff has been released in ICC. I still think your armor is a little low (28k is WAY low for ICC), but the black heart MIGHT scale better than glyph (I'm not quite sure yet). Either way i would STRONGLY recommend getting the frost off tier chest piece (cataclysmic chestguard) is your next frost badge purchase)

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    The glyph of fortification is a winner and will stay for fights with lots and lots of physical damage. You might want to upgrade the black heart, but it is a nice litte thing, it really is.

    Also gemming for pure stam isn't always a no-brainer. The def/stam gem in your helmet is dead on. If the socket bonus is +9 stam then gemming for it is borderline. You just have to weigh potetnial HP gain against the socket bonus. Socketing def/stam is always good if the bonus is worth it. But +6 stam is not worth it, so put somethign blue into those swordbreakers. If you want to match a red socket, never, ever pick parry. This one has so heavy diminuishing returns that you propably won't get much from it. Dodge and agility are generally better.
    The enchant on the gloves is suboptimal. It sounds nice, but 10 parry rating is propably +0.08% parry chance on your gear and the 2% extra threat are negligible. I guess you are not struggling for threat, so go for survivability.

    In fact I don't think you can get that much more survivability out of your gear. You can optimize a little bit, but frankly, without exchanging stuff there is little more than 1k HP and about 500-1k armor to gain. The suggestion with the badge ring is a good one, btw.

    So what to do next? Do you keep Demo Shout up? Do you keep T-Clap up? These help quite a lot.
    Also do not underestimate the Indestructible Potion. Those give you 3.5k armor which can make a lot of difference. You don't need them on Marrowgar in either 10 or 25 mans. Or the other 3 subsequent fights. But you will want to use them during Festergut after the 2nd inhale or so. You will also have to plan your defensive Cooldowns according to the fight. This also applies to shield block.

    Just to drive the importance of armor home:
    The first time I tanked Festergut I was also just above 30k armor. I bought a few upgrades, dropped skinning for Engineering and got myself up to 35k armor unbuffed. According to the healers I was quite a bit easier to heal. I lost about 5% avoid in the process.

    ...and I don't know how to tell this to you. You got the big T10 legplates. Um. Have you taken a glimpse at the crafted legplates? I know it is painful, but in the long run you will want to wear those. But make the crafted boots your first priority. This IS going to be expensive. If you are unsure how long it will take you to get the iLvl264 T10 set then the best investment of frost badges is the extremely expensive chest plate. It's better than the upgraded T10 chest, easier to get, but not nicer than the 4 pc T10 bonus. This one is a real dilemma.

    If you follow most of this advice, you should be easier to heal, but frankly, I can't see how they should struggle in 10 man content.
    As long as you don't turn your back on bosses...

    1)don't expect too many gains by tweaking your gear
    2)use Indestructible Potions
    3)time your cooldowns
    4)remember to demo shout and t-clap

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