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Thread: Protection Warrior Preparing for his toughest assignment yet.. The Lich King

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    Protection Warrior Preparing for his toughest assignment yet.. The Lich King

    title explaining this thread. I will be encountering the Lich King this week and I need advice from fellow warrior tanks that have tanked this encounter before.

    1.What assignements will i be a huge advantage for my team? Any disadvantage?
    2. How to handle his main mechanics (Especially Soul reaper)
    3. Am i even geared enough for this?

    Heres my armory, Hope to hear from a kingslayer warrior tank soon!

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    What class is the other tank? If it's a non-warrior, I recommend they tank LK and you intervene the Soul Reaper (proper spec required, of course). I find that is the single largest benefit a warrior brings to that fight.

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    1. How good are you? Any good tank can do any job without a particular advantage. Provided you are geared properly and use your cooldowns effectively, you won't ever be a disadvantage.

    2. When I was running it on 25 man, I just burned a cooldown on soulreaper and took the hits. No safeguard, no nothing. If you have the EH to take the hits (and a Paladin healer or a good healing team on spike damage) then soulreaper only hits for 25k damage, then 17k, 17k, 17k, 17k relatively quickly [as in 1 second inbetween the 17k hits] (the numbers he hit me for on 25 man). This is optional though, as mentioned you can intervene or taunt swap.

    3. I can't check the armory, so can't help you there.
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    I would switch that purple gem from your helm to your belt, so you actually get the socket bonus (you're missing out on 90+ free hp there. Do you have a second stamina trinket? I'd use it over the organ on Lich King. Otherwise I think you're ok.
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    I'll respond to your questions in the same order.

    1) I find that in phase one, Warriors are best suited for tanking LK. Picking up the adds from ranged is much better suited to a DK, Pally, or Druid, in that order. That said, Rogues/hunters can obviously MD to the add tank so that isn't impossible for you to do either, just not ideal. In phase 2, there are a couple of approachs you can take as a warrior tank that will determine how you can best help the raid. If you spec into safeguard have the other tank on LK and intervene the soul reapers. Otherwise you can spec/glyph into 2 minute shield walls and tank him yourself, using a cd rotation to deal with soul reapers (note: you will need to have 1 healer cd or a taunt swap to ever 3rd cd, or just have tons of EH). Phase 3 is much the same as phase 2 as far as cd's go, just the moving for Vile Spirits tossed in, so what I said in phase 2 applies here as well.

    2) I covered most of the soul reaper stuff in part 1, so I'll skip to other things here. When tanking Raging spirits in the transition, be aware that when you're silenced you cant taunt. For that reason you should be really watching the raid for the spawn to pick it up with a shield slam and drag it back. Alternatively, have your ranged get a MD rotation up. For Valkyr positioning, try to keep LK in a spot where the ranged can safely stack a good distance from any edge. You can also shockwave valkyr when they land if you don't have any other stun rotation up (though I recommend your raid works one out). For phase 3 - Tank him on 1 edge first. After he summons vile spirits, go to the opposite edge. Repeat this throughout the phase, avoiding defiles along the way. For the last 10% be sure to get naked and start dancing as the rest of your raid burns him down.

    3) You should be geared enough for 10 man for sure, 25 man you may want to try and acquire a big more EH. Also, since you're not hit capped I'd strongly recommend receiving MD's in the transitional phases. Also, what Dreador said about the purple gem. The other thing I'm not a big fan of is using a 2.0 speed MH. In my experience that really kills your threat as you lose out on a ton of HS's. But that last part is more of a preference thing, not an encounter requirement.

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