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Thread: Demonology, stats?

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    Demonology, stats?

    I cannot seem to find a source of what the stat priorities are for demonology spec, anyone care to help me out? I seem to find conflicting information only. Obviously cap hit, and stack int as much as humanly possibly after that, crit I'm fairly sure is low, but i could be wrong.

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    Re: Demonology, stats?

    Elitest Jerks have a detailed breakdown, but in general: Hit to cap, then INT, as you noted. After that: Haste is your best stat.

    A simple rule is "..if the piece has no Haste, reforge Crit or Mastery for it".

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    Pretty much the same as all the other builds.

    Hit > Int > Haste > Crit > Mastery

    Pure int gems if sockets provide less than +20 stat, Match sockets if 20+.

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