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Thread: What's warrior tank advantage?

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    What's warrior tank advantage?

    I really think warrior is a subpar tanking class.....comparing to Paladin and Druid.
    Druid has alot more health and armor than warrior with equal amount of lifesaving skills.
    Paladin has insanely amount of lifesaving skills.
    They both are better at AOE tanking than a warrior.
    They both are better at Range Kite tanking than a warrior.
    They BOTH are hybrid classes (dps heal tank).
    This just doesn't make sense.....
    Yes, warrior tanks get things done. I know they do, but they are still subpar tanking classes, which doesn't make any sense!

    If warrior shouldn't be in the top rank of dps because of not being a pure dps class, why should druid and paladin be better tanks than warrior?
    what's wrrior tank advantage.....
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    Warrior tanks don't need an advantage.
    We get things done no matter the odds.

    Just who the hell do you think we are?!!

    We are warriors.
    We are badass.
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    Morals and Ethics of Paladin Tanking

    The following comes from a post by Sven on the official forums:
    1) Protection Warriors and feral Druids are not necessarily better tanks than we are – they are different.
    2) We are not necessarily better tanks than protection Warriors and feral Druids – we are different.
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    GREAT mobility, lots of interrupts and stuns, fear immunity. I'm not sure what you're having a problem kiting but I think the warrior excels at controlling large packs of dispersed mobs.

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    Being able to heal dps and tank will have no impact on tanking. If you want to heal and tank than warrior is not for you. But being more flexible should not penalize a class. Nor does it by Blizz's design philosophy. This is an erroneous correlation on your part.

    I have never seen any proof so far of warriors being subar at surviving. Warriors have more HP and Enraged Regen which Paladins dont, Warriors big cooldown is 40% compared to 20% to druid's and they have Shield Block. Im going to stop here because it gets moot and needless arguments arise. Nothing short of a simulation can show where each tank is relative to each other and mind you this changes from fight to fight due to mechanics.

    GREAT mobility, lots of interrupts and stuns, fear immunity. I'm not sure what you're having a problem kiting but I think the warrior excels at controlling large packs of dispersed mobs.
    QFT. In Cata when DKs get Dark Samulucrum we will see Spell Reflect more useful in PVE situations. Warriors take the longest to master since most of their abilities must be used by the player and not auto pilot like the others. A warrior in the hands of a capable player is nothing to smirk at.

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    Any tank of any class can get any encounter done i don't think the game has ever been more balanced then it is now. The fact that your even posting this suggests that you know some sub-par warriors. Its not that warriors or any tank class are sub-par it is that the players are sub-par. Also how are kiting and being able to play different rolls in a raid relevant in determining which tank is better than another?

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    The Warrior IS the best Tank for hard hitting 1 v 1 Bosses. Button sequences and timing ofc is vital. But after a boss or mobs , If your sitting top damage taken in raid , your aggroing well. It will be mitigated IF it hits. Healers always can tell us openly. ALso Disarming, COncussion, Interrupts, Fear, Shield Bash, Shockwave all reduce on others what Healer needs to repair.

    A long Charge range (Glyph) and target a stray allows a charge or Intercept from current mob and makes time.(as they try get to you) .Vigilance on right DPS will reset Taunt constant and allow long range pulls also. (Another out the game!)

    I call it playing. .....

    But still learning,


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