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Thread: Healing in frostmourne

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    Healing in frostmourne

    Is healing terenas without intrupting the warden possible without terenas dying? Iam A resto Druid, pleanty geared enough and have alot of healing exp

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    Notlob its a palindrome
    Atleast on 25 normal it is, odd question though.

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    Yes but it takes forever. Bearform -> Bash

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    On 10 man it is for sure. I honestly never interrupt and just have a focus macro set that I hit when I get in there and just start spamming away. The very first time I wasn't sure exactly what to interrupt and just started healing him and that's all I have done since. I just hot up and Nourish spam.

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    Cool thanks. Killed him lastnight, healing through it was a breeze, got a couple wraiths and starfires off too

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    the hostile npc doesnt always cast his channeled spell at same time from my experience. Sometimes I heal friendly guy without ever seeing a spell cast, and other times the hostile guy starts channeling like within 10 seconds of being in the room. So, yes it is possible to do without interuptting if u heal a lot or if the hostile npc doesnt cast it soon. If he does cast it interupting it will be more beneficial than trying to heal through it though.

    and just to make sure everyone knows ill say this: the friendly npc does more dmg as he has more health so heal him to full asap. Don't keep him around 50% and try to save mana and then suddenly die and wipe the raid when u havent killed the hostile npc in time.
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