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Thread: DK tanking spec

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    DK tanking spec

    I have read the thread about what specs do what for DK tanking. I really like frost for the fact you can more hits and have better survivablity but i have herd that Blood is the new DK tanking spec to be.

    Can anyone confirm this and if so pass along a Blood DK tanking spec plz.


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    All 3 trees are more then capible and each have their own perspective pros and cons. Blood will be the exclusive tank tree in Cat but that doesnt mean the other 2 trees cant be used right now nor does that fact change the viabilty of the other 2 trees.


    and the most common blood spec

    Note that the saving grace of dk tanking is the freedom in which you can place talent points. There are infinite numbers of variants to this spec. Play around until you have something that is good for you and is actually viable.
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    Addhoc is correct. Currently all 3 trees are viable for tanking and can be used however you wished.

    Note: that for any tanking tree you need a basic 5-5-5. Blood Barrier, Toughness and Anticipation. Some will say you also need 3/3 in Icy Touch but currently when running 25ms and some 10ms you almost always have another DK who has that ability.

    Another site that has up to date tanking builds:


    But as said before all trees can tank and have different ways to go tanking.. Straight Threat/DMG or More Survivability or a Mixture of both

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