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Thread: So I have new gear to tank in...now what do I do...

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    So I have new gear to tank in...now what do I do...

    Hey all, long time reader, first time poster...

    So back when 3.3 came out, it was simple for me, get all of the BiS Triumph gear from chaining heroics, and then get the really nice level 264 belt, trinket, and cloak. So I had obtained all of that, and was rocking the crafted bracers and chestpiece and the T9 gloves and pants for the nice threat and quicker taunt bonus...Fast forward to this week, I get enough badges for the chestguard, and bought it, gemmed it, and then enchanted it...Then the 10.5 gloves drop, which was not in my plan (I was going with Kraken...) but the upgrade was too big not to swap up, so out went the Faceplate of the Honorbound, in came the t9 Helm..I then started planning to pickup the tier10 shoulders next, and craft my own pillars of might. Once again, luck smiled upon me and I got the Legguards of Lost Hope from a random run...so now I have once again destroyed my tier 9 2 piece...My question is...should I swap my Faceplate and Shoulders of the Enduring Order for the Tier 9 Helm and shoulders, or just be happy when I get my tier 10 shoulders? Are crafting the Pillars of Might still a high priority now? Below is my current armory with str/sta gems for threat...I have too many warriors and DK's who get DPS happy...Thanks for your thoughts?


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    Don't worry too much about the T9 2-piece. 5% on your HotR is a negligible amount, and very rarely does the taunt cooldown matter whatsoever.

    Pillars of Might are still the highest EH in that slot. If you're serious about tanking in ICC, they are a must-have. You're also 2.8% over the hit cap, so the hit on those legs isn't doing that much for you anyways.

    I don't understand how you're having threat problems, your gear is pretty nice and your spec is spot-on. Getting the T10 2-piece will help a bit but it's not a solution to all threat issues. What kind of situations are you losing threat - is it on the initial pull, or is it an issue with sustained threat?

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    Well, this is the first time with this spec...at the time I was 53/18 with 3 in benediction and the 1 point in Heart of the crusader and 3 points in Sanctification...Most of my issues were with untauntable mobs, and possibly the fact that it was my first time in ICC 25 after adjusting to ICC 10...Of course when I was doing an achievement run on BT, I couldn't seem to get hate on Illidian (again, my first time there). So I wanted to make sure I wasn't missing something...

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