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Thread: Is there any way I can improve DPS as a Marksman?

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    Is there any way I can improve DPS as a Marksman?

    I am using Shatter Rounds for ammo, they are the 91.5 additional DPS bullets.
    And I did forget to note, when looking at talents and glyphs, Kia is my DPS pet.

    Rotation: HM, SS, SiS, KC, RF, AS, CS, ArS, StS, StS, (next prettiest button)
    (I generally do not put HM on trash unless it takes a short while to actually kill it.)

    HM = Hunter's Mark
    SS = Serpent Sting
    SiS = Silencing Shot
    KC = Kill Command
    RF = Rapid Fire
    AS = Aimed Shot
    CS = Chimera Shot
    ArS = Arcane Shot
    StS = Steady Shot

    I pull anywhere from 3.8-6.3K on raid bosses, around 3.5-4K in heroics (By the end of the run), and on rare occasion, 7K burst on a Heroic Boss.

    Is there anything I can do to maybe pull a bit more (Without changing my tree) so I can make myself more of an asset to my guild? Thanks for any info that the person reading this can provide.
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