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Thread: Tank wep. & help

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    Tank wep. & help

    Hi fellow tankspotters^^,
    after a break from wow I came back, and still noticed my guild(rl close friends doing 10mans and random achives^^) is coming back in cata or atleast sum time later this year sadbear..
    so decided to gear myself up anyway i can^^ got the boe gun and made the icc tank boots (noaw money gone though..)

    I was wondering if my tank wep was still good? [Burnished Quel'Serrar], the ilvl245 one
    I luv the procc and its uptime, or should i get the one from new hcs? wut about enchant? ppl laugh when they saw my bladeward...i think it was alright.

    I kinda wanna make myself ready for icc10 mans when my guild/friends comes back so any advice or criticism on my gear/specc whatever is welcome (yea i know shield sux, toc didnt drop it >.> and cant do higher raid since this silly gs and achive stuffies..ill keep trying though)

    armory: http://eu.wowarmory.com/character-sh...unemaul&cn=Aki

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    Short answer: You can tank ICC10 right now, at least up to saurfang, and could likely handle festergut and rotface if the healers were not fail.

    Long answer:Get blood draining on your weapon, bladeward for a warrior isn't something that should be laughed at but Blood Draining is considered the best progression enchant by the majority of fellow tanks. Your trinkets on that link include the time lost figurine, which I assume you dont actually tank with. I'm guessing the Glyph of Indom, or perhaps Corroded Skeleton Key. Either is good enough, though imo the key wins out, especially in ICC due to the buff. You do need a new shield, whether it be the N HoR shield or a ToC shield. The one you are using is good enough to last you until the ICC10 Gunship shield, though getting any of them would be nice.

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    Gear for EH, trinkets, badge pieces, you name it. Pillars of Might (craftable legs), Cataclysmic Chestguard, enchants, all of it. Burnished Quel'serrar will last you a good long while yet.
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    To save on cash, you could either slap a mongoose on your current weapon or stick with the bladeward. I personally would not waste the time or gold putting Blood Draining on a weapon that is more than likely going to be replaced by Bonebreaker Scepter or The Facelifter.

    MellverTank is correct that sword should suffice for a good while.

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