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Thread: Tryin ta make the switch but need some Fury help.

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    Tryin ta make the switch but need some Fury help.

    Ok so First a little background so you know where I am coming from. I am in a Strict 10 man guild (Meaning that even tho I may have attended one or 2 random 25 man raids it is not something that can be counted on for gearing purposes.) We just killed LK. (yay us!) As we look forward as a guild to hard modes and whatnot we are looking at helping out alts gear in encounters where we perhaps do not need our "A" squad.

    I am our MT. With the upcoming alt gearing runs (trying some of the easier hard modes then swapping to just clearing) I have been asked to work on my dps set. So what does that mean? My gearing choices are limited. I currently have next to no Frost badges (but I need nothing more for my tank set) so I will be looking to future upgrades with badges but wont be able to just jump into anything. No 25 man gear will be obtainable. Also rarely do we run ToC or Uld. so No gear from there will be open.

    WTF, what are you leaving us with as options to help you out? ICC 10 man normal gear, Triumph gear, Gem types (I know i need to upgrade to epics but i need to know what stats I should be going for), Chants, Talents, Glyphs, and really anything else you can think of that might help.

    TL;DR: Help me with my dps please.


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    Crafted Titanium spikeguards for wrist are good starting point.

    Boots are ordinary. Get into Heroic halls of reflection and get the boots from the Lich King Escape, or bone drake's boots from gunship battle.

    Do VoA25 for a chance at the gloves and legs from Toravon. VoA25 is quite puggable and your gear is fine for there.

    Whispering skull trink from lady deathwhisper in ICC10 is the only trink you could upgrade to under your specifications. Infected Choker neck from putricide.

    That'll get you started.

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    Thank you! Those are awesome suggestions and very doable (altho the trink fom deathwhisper is a myth it does not exist just ask the melee in my guild)

    How about gemming? Should I be looking for STR or ArP or something else? Anyone else want to chime in?

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    You probably aren't going to like this answer, but with your gear, most of it ilevel 245 or even higher, with the gems you have... tsk.

    Any item with ilevel 245 is probably going to last you a while, and should have an epic gem in it.

    Obviously, hit cap first.

    Then, you should try and get enough arp from gems and gear that you hit the soft cap (basically enough arp that if you hit your trinks, you are at 100% armour penetration).

    Once you have gemmed arp, strength gem the rest. Crit is a very low priority gemming stat compared to the others.

    You have probably been reluctant to gem your offset for a number of reasons.. likely cash flow being the foremost. Remember that you can run random heroics and trade emblems for gems (get the poly colour ones and cut+sell them on the AH for gold, and use the gold to get the real ones, such as red), or do some pvp. These things you can do when you aren't raiding.
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    HEHE, Yes I know I should be gemming my 245+ gear but honestly most of it was sitting in my bank till one day when someone wanted to OT and they asked me if I had a dps set as our normal OT didnt. So Off I ran to the bank and the ah to gem as quick as possible. So yes gemming my offset was low on my list of things to do and with my lack of knowledge I didnt want to waste the gems when I did it wrong.

    Currently I am over hit and at expertise soft caps.

    so should I gem ArP based on procs or based on activated trinks only?

    (on a side not I am terribad at pvp so my non raid times tend to be lvling on my alts but that can change)

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    Basically, you should gem enough arp that if your trinks proc, you aren't over 100%. More than 100% arp doesn't give you any more damage. A little extra arp is ok, because you'll do some extra damage when your trinks haven't procced, BUT you will get better use out of more strength.

    Exp should be 25 as I recall, and anything over 5% hit is wasted, assuming you have precision.

    I'm awful at pvp too (although I'm fairly handy in wintergrasp), so yeah, do random heroics for emblems, or level your alts. that won't get your main's dps anywhere, unless one of your alts is also leveling alchemy or something.

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    A slight correction; anything past 5% hit (with 3/3 Precision) is past the soft cap (i.e. much weaker returns). It will still help you land more white hits, so it's not as wasted the same way as stacking expertise past the dodge cap is. That said, strength, crit, etc are much better stats than hit after you hit the soft cap.

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