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Thread: nubie Pally Tank LF HALP

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    nubie Pally Tank LF HALP


    i just got lvl 80 4/13/10 and i have never played a melee before only healers so im a s scrub as they come, but im looking to jump into ICC if nothing else atleast some rep runs for gear, but i face two problems mainly i dont know WTF im doing, havent raided in wow like ever minus AQ 20 and ZG way back when im mainly PvP breed, and i cant seem to get my gear just right to feel comfortable in ICC.

    im having WAY to much of a Defense problem having to gem and enchant Defense on the Vast majority of my Gear is i think hurting my HP and i dont know what amount of HP is considered acceptable of a tank for ICC 10 at the very least.

    Also my threat management for heroics has been i think very sad, il lose aggro left and right and i feel i work my healers to much. i know of the 969 but i honestly dont run in with a roto i just basically rely on conscencrate and HoR and well RD but even that will not grab aggro enough some times, i want to get threat on everything and hold it the entire time no questions, and id like to add i think the lack of threat on me is hurting my mana cause i hit oom alot trying my best to keep DP up as much as possible.

    ALL in ALL i think its ust gonna take time to fall into my groove and learn the dungeons and what to do. but any tips on my gear and aggro mangement will be sooo helpful. an example of someones 969 and maybe a little more understanding on it would be great.


    *EDIT* forgot my spec i just changed my OS to 53/18 dide some reading on it and noticed my original spec was missing some aggro abilits like CRusade and Vindication and even SoCM so any thoughts on if this spec would be good for ICC or atleast helpin my aggro

    my glyphs im working to get the DP as mandatory
    but im wondering what two glyphs other pallies use im using Shield of R cause of my mana problems and taking it dowen to like 26 mana is awesome.

    and im using RD for my threat pproblems
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