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Thread: Best in Slot Heroic/Emblem gear

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    Best in Slot Heroic/Emblem gear

    I'm a fairly new player looking to gear up via heroics/emblems, and could use some advice for best-in-slot for the heroics that I grind.

    I've scoured tankspot/google for BIS guides but everything I've found includes ICC gear which I am not currently raiding.


    If someone could point me in the right direction, that'd be brilliant.


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    Ok before we start talking about future gear, let's talk about your current gear. You need to enchant your gear. Crappy blues deserve crappy enchants (+12 or +18 stam armor kits for example), decent purples deserve decent enchants (for example, +22 stam or Tuskarr's to boots). You don't need to shell out top dollar if you don't want to - +26 agi to weapon and +45 stam/+15 agi to legs are two good examples of pretty inexpensive yet effective enchants. (the Eternal Airs might be a little pricey but you have a good weapon that deserves a good enchant)

    Do a Wintergrasp battle, do the quests, and get at least 10k honor. Then head over to Orgrimmar and grab a +30 stam shoulder enchant. (This is assuming you don't have a main that is exalted with Sons of Hodir. If you do, I think you need the extra dodge and defense at this level of gearing than 30 stamina. Later on if you get into raiding you can swap to the PvP one for moar EH!)

    You also really really need to work on those professions.

    As far as a BiS list for heroics and Triumph emblems, I guess it would go something like this (note: I play Alliance, you may have to swap around some names):

    Head: Faceplate of the Honorbound - Argent Crusade head enchant
    NecK: Tank neck from H HoR (I think)
    Shoulders: Shoulderguards of Enduring Order - PvP shoulder enchant or Sons of Hodir shoulder enchant
    Cloak: one from reg HoR, also Platinum Mesh Cloak from Valor badges - +22 agi, +16 def, or +225 armor (armor is the strongest in ICC, outside of it, your decision)
    Chest: Breastplate of the White Knight (crafted) or T9 chest - +275 health (accept no substitutes)
    Bracers: Saronite Swordbreakers (crafted) or Bracers of Dalaran's Parapets (Valor badges) - you should really aim for the crafted ones though, they're not too expensive anymore - +40 stam
    Gloves: T9 hands - Armsman (threat), +18 stam, or +240 armor
    Belt: Indestructible Plate Girdle (crafted) or Titanium Links of Lore (trash drop I think) - again the crafted is vastly superior and not too expensive anymore
    Legs: T9 legs - +55 stam/+22 agi
    Boots: Spiked Deathdealers (crafted) or Black Spire Sabatons - crafted boots are slightly better due to the sockets, but not a crucial up - +22 stam or (preferably) Tuskarr's
    Ring 1: Clutch of Fortification (awesome ring, Triumph badges)
    Ring 2: Mark of the Relentless (H ToC 5) or Signet of the Impregnable Fortress (Valor badges)
    Trinket 1: Glyph of Indomitability (I cannot overstate how much I love this trinket)
    Trinket 2: Black Heart (reg ToC 5)
    Weapon: Rimefang's Claw or Falric's - Falric's has slightly worse itemization (block rating instead of dodge) BUT it is an axe, giving you 5 expertise from your orc racial - numerous good weapon enchants, including but not limited to Mongoose, +26 agi, Weapon Chain, Accuracy, and Blood Draining
    Shield: The one from reg HoR - +20 def, +81 block value, or +18 stam

    Don't forget gemming. Gemming pure dodge is a bad idea. At low gear levels (read: your gear level) it's advisable to use hybrid gems to meet almost any socket bonus, but these should always be at least half stamina. Hit/stam or Expertise/stam if you need threat, or dodge/stam or defense/stam if you want more avoidance. But never a pure red gem, and never a pure yellow gem unless you are absolutely dying to meet the defense minimum.

    Your spec and glyphs are good for a fresh 80 though. I use the same setup on my scrubwar, except instead of Blocking I use Vigilance. Close enough :-)

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    http://www.tankspot.com/showthread.p...t-Tanking-Gear + http://www.tankingtips.com/2009/12/2...st-pick-order/

    Although I think that the skeleton key is WAY better than vene gives it credit for. Also check my guide for gems/enchants (link is in sig)
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