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Thread: Need some help with my dps gear

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    Need some help with my dps gear

    Heya, playing with a prot warrior as my main, and rarely if ever use my off spec, which is Fury atm, last time I did was back in Ulduar or so. Back when ArP started getting popular, I never had a trinket for it, and generally figured that my gear wasn't up for it yet, however, I'm thinking that maybe I should change my gems and go ArP instead.


    So, basically, these are my questions:
    • I'd like any advice possible for my spec
    • Should I keep Strength Gems, or would ArP be better for me, even if I don't have any other trinkets?
    • I got Ramaladni's (Heroic), which weapon (out of this one and the two I'm currently wearing) should I use? And in which hand should I have which weapon, is it worth putting a slower weapon in my main hand for increased whirlwind damage, even if it means Bryntroll will proc less?

    If there's a huge upgrade available from Frost emblems or such, feel free to mention it, but generally, I need those for my tanking gear, so can't really get set bonuses or such tings

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    (Also, wasn't quite sure if this post would be best in this forum or the Gear / Enchanting discussion forum, so feel free to move it if I picked the wrong one)

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    I would wear Ramaladni's it has one socket more you don't need to gem for expertise then because you are way over your hitcap. I don't know if it is better to wear Ramaladni's instead of bryntoll. You should gem ArP if you can get about 52% ArP (722 rating) from gear and gems. That would mean for you that you need to replace 17 sockets with ArP gems then you reach the softcap.

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