We are a top Horde progression-oriented guild on Twisting Nether. Our raid schedule is Mon-Tues-Wed-Thurs, 7PM to 11PM Central Time (CST). We are currently 8/12 HM in ICC25 and are looking for an Elemental Shaman for our roster.

We are a SMALL, mature guild, and we don't recruit for the bench. Our players' professionalism is extremely important to us, so excellent attendance is a must.

Send an application to us at http://www.deathbycupcake.com, or whisper any officer.

So why us?
I REALLY like to raid. I look forward to raid nights, and I'm there without fail. This didn't pay off so well in my previous guild - I suffered through things like delayed raids, going in short on 25 mans or cancelling 10mans due to attendance. Incessant chatter on vent that reduced leaders to yelling. Ninja-logs/AFK's. Poisonous raid environments and drama. I made the best I could of the situation (because hey, killing bosses is fun), but after several guild reorgs, reforms, and mergers, our final breakup allowed me to stop thinking that all this was acceptable. I struck out on my own to find something better with a more established guild that would make my dedication to raiding worth its while.

After my vent interview with DBC, I knew this was going to be that right fit. Our Guild Leader and main tank, Scrypture, had a no-nonsense air of professionalism and friendliness about her that let me know that THIS was going to be the place for me. I was right.

The first raid I attended, I was stunned - I experienced sheer, quiet competence. Having come from a loud-vent guild with maybe 5 good DPS that didn't all show at the same time, here were a full roster of DPS pulling numbers above and beyond what I'd seen before. Healers that didn't let their tanks down, confident tanks that could handle themselves and co-ordinate on the fly... and none of the drama or immaturity. Yet far from a serious slog through bosses, everyone was friendly and had a great time - and that's how it is for every raid!

How is it so good?
DBC has been around since Sunwell, and the leaders have been at it much longer than that. Our leadership pride themselves on their professionalism and attention to administrata, which shows in our adherence to rules, the way we conduct raids, how we make guild announcements, the maintenance of our guild roster, the distribution of loot via Loot Council, and our website.

We are progression oriented and we revel in new content. Our raiders love the challenge of new bosses and hardmodes, and love working together as a team. More than that, we've got a great server reputation for being a stand-up, friendly group of people who can get the job done - the polar opposite of typical e-peening guilds that feed off a server's negativity towards them. If that sort of thing is important to you, then you're on the right track. We will never tolerate ninjas, and do not support unsportsmanlike conduct.

Our responsibility is to challenge ourselves and keep coming back for more, while remaining the kind of people we'd like to have a beer with. We are quiet in vent, polite, humble, friendly, and respectful of each other and our server - and we do NOT tolerate drama!

Who ARE our representatives?

Scrypture (Prot Pally): Our Guild Leader, Main Tank, and pace-setter.

Squinky (Shadow Priest): Our Morale Officer, resident High Warlord, Wise Old Wizard, DPS Extraordinaire, and Macro Miracleworker, as seen in his forum contributions at http://shadowpriest.com/viewtopic.php?f=30&t=24362

Elfblood (Death Knight): Raid Leader, Progression Leader, LOLcat. Has a character screen roster more extensive than your wife's shoe closet, and an unholy grasp of all their abilities.

Melthorr (Ele Shammy): Guild Treasurer who commands a General Patton level of reverence during raids, but with Lightning Bolts instead of pistols.

Numnum (Hunter): our Melee class lead, who holds this position despite playing a ...ranged class. No huntard jokes.

Merytneith (Warlock): Ranged class lead and Prime Evil Warlock. When she's not turning nubs inside-out, she's giving advice to other aspiring Evil Warlocks at http://forums.worldofwarcraft.com/th...58913722&sid=1

Hak (Warlock): Raider Relations. A reasonable and affable fellow who plays Yin to Mery's Yang, turning inside-out nubs right-side out again

Sylvicus (Holy Priest): Healing class lead with a heart of gold, and a mastery of the finer points of surviving imaginary warfare.

And last but not least: Rickotron (Protection Warrior): Recruitment Officer, Loot Council Balance and tank / DPS handyman.

* * * * *

If you've enjoyed reading this and it resonates with you, then by all means send us an application. We promise you a whole different kind of WoW in Death By Cupcake!