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Thread: night elf or human warrior

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    night elf or human warrior

    hello all,

    my first question on this forum, so i hope you can help me out.

    http://eu.wowarmory.com/character-sh...cn=Peanutpower is me....

    i have been thinking of going human instead of night elf because of the racial expertise bonus. i cant seem to find an overvieuw somewhere that clearly states the positive and negative things about both races....

    so my question(s) is should i change my night elf to human and why, and could i lose something i havent thought of wich concerns a tank.....

    would be nice also if someone had an overvieuw of all races and classes with the positive and negative all lined up against one and another...

    im sure there is enough expertise here to help me answer this question

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    At this point I would simply advise against making any change until racials for the next expansion are defined.

    As far as tanking is concerned, the night elf racial Quickness is the most powerful racial. The expertise bonuses of some races and the base stamina increase of tauren are the next best. Bottom line is nothing can really compare to 2% chance to be missed by physical attacks.

    While humans have a far superior usable racial, that is only good in certain situations. When comparing passive bonuses side by side, the Night Elf is the strongest for a tank because no one else can make up that free avoidance exempt of deminishing returns.

    Miss also applies to any target, including those behind you. You can also be missed while stuned or otherwise incapacitated.
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    Neither, go Horde, Alliance sucks.

    I kid, I kid. Humans get a racial weapon passive, atleast I thought so...never played Ally before. Wish I could be more help.

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    There are several races with nice racials, however the fact remains... none of them are really all that great. Pick the race based on what you like to look at the most.

    If you are truly dedicated to min/maxing, Night Elves would be the best for survival because of that extra 2% avoidance. Humans and Dwarves both get expertise boosts based on weapon type (Humans get 3 expertise with Swords and Maces - Dwarves get 5 with Maces only), Humans get a nice PvP trinket (that's also useful for PvE on occasion), Dwarves get a weak cooldown. Draenei get 1% hit for themselves and all party members, as well as a weak HoT and (this is the best part) an effing TAIL. How cool is that?

    I chose Draenei, because being able to waggle my tail far outweighs anything else.

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    go troll

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    Quinafoi is right on target here. The reasons to go human are pretty much Every Man for Himself and the reputation bonuses. The expertise bonus is nice, but you can gear around expertise fairly easily. Since Cata it was even reduced down to 5 so its fairly minimal at that. Honestly, there is no race that is just that fundamentally better on the alliance side of things. The Quickness bonus is powerful, but it is not make or break for a progression raid at this point. There is enough non physical damage that it easily places the talent into the margin of error, in my opinion.

    In the end, choose your race by what you enjoy looking at everyday. Night Elf men are ugly as sin to me, but so are human men. So go with what you want. Either way, unless you are just sick of looking at your nelf... wait til we see whats up with 4.0

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