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Thread: Any Advice to improve our Raid Wide Dps? WoL's included

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    Any Advice to improve our Raid Wide Dps? WoL's included


    Howdy and here's the quick and dirty....

    Semi-hardcore raid guild that focuses on raid atmosphere over progression....but thinks that not progressing ruins raid atmosphere.

    11/12 in ICC 10 and 7/12 in ICC25

    I'd love to hear some advice from other raid leaders regarding improving our effective Raid wide dps as a whole and reducing Raid wide dam taken. For example:

    "Your mages could do more dps if...."
    "Why are you not running X buff/debuff?"
    "Your attemps on DW could be better if..."
    "On Festergut we do....and it really reduces tank dam...you should try it...=)"

    Thanks in advance to all the helpful/knowledgeable raid leaders out there.

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    Your raid is taking a lot of frost bolt damage on Valrithia, that shouldn't happen. There is also a lot of melee damage/gut spray going around, so either the tanks aren't picking up/positioning, or the DPS are standing in front of puking aboms.

    Lucranius, Madmedi, Misstigger, Shamula, Saro need to live longer or DPS better. Some of them do as much as 4.5k DPS, but are last on the damage done meter (including the tanks). Others are doing less than 3.5k.

    I also see that the mages are low on the DPS meters which is odd, the wipes (all) where I'm looking should have them at the top as they shouldn't be moving much on Valrithia/Putricide. (Just target changes.)

    That's about as in depth as I can get with my terrible work compy though, I can't really view WoL properly so I can't pull out individual attempts/other data.
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