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Thread: Threat issues - Prot warrior

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    Threat issues - Prot warrior

    Howdy guys, I've been playing for around 3 yrs now and I've always come here to look for theory craft and advice on tanking and to be fair you've never let me down yet.

    This a link to my current gear


    I've just been lucky enough to be taken on as a trial in a pro guild on my server, they've said we'll take you on and gear you up. I went into 25 man with them last night and I couldn't hold aggro on groups of mobs, thankfully the had a pally as MT, who it ws impossible to threat cap but I wasnt suprised there. My single target rotation (Boss Rotation) looks like this

    Shield Block - Bloodrage/Berserking rage- charge - SS - dev/qued with HS until 5 sunders on the target - then prioritise SS/rev qued with HS with TC always on CD and Dem shout

    My group rotation looks like this

    Shield Block - Bloodrage/Berserking rage- charge - TC -Cleave - rev/ qued with cleave when its up - SS qued with cleave - TC always on CD with Dem shout up - Dev qued with cleave when renvege and Shield Slam are on CD

    I've come to live with the fact that we are kinda OT's now but I had hoped that with the glyphing and what they have just done to TC I would still be able to tank as I always have. Have things changed and I haven't been keeping up?

    My only excuse is that most of the Team I was with had particularly high GS (I hate GS but lol everyone uses it now) and where hitting above 8 and 9k dps . Any help with my gemming ench's gear choices would help as I am on Trial and would like to make raider.
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    Vigiliance somebody, preferably the person pulling off you. maybe try glyphing it or grab glyph of devestate ( does the threat of two sunders)

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    #1 Reason warrior tanks can't hold aoe aggro over geared dps = They wear the same gearset for everything.

    Don't use the same gear on trash as you do on bosses. Use dps trinkets, possibly a dps weapon, wear random dps pieces as long as you stay uncrittable with decent tanking stats. Keep 6% hit and 26expertise. If you're an anal min/maxer like me, or you want to really push yourself at least while you are new, glyph for aoe threat on trash as well. Cleaving/shockwave/blocking are very good for trash/heroic tanking.

    It's really hard to give advice on what rotation to use for aoe tanking. It's really random and depends on many, many different things. Every pack is different. Wearing the right gear works in every situation and makes the biggest difference overall. Do you have a trash/aoe gearset?

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    I don't see Shockwave in your group rotation. I also don't see devistate in either rotation. Maybe you just didn't mention them, but if you're not using them, that's probably most of your problem right there.

    I agree that adding in dps trinks/gear for trash is also worthwhile for helping keep aggro on trash. Also, make sure you're tab targeting between the trash to pull enough on to you to keep your rage bar full, and using taunts as needed to grab something that you were maybe low on threat on.
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    Anyone else catch that he's keeping TC on CD? Don't do it. Use it once every 25 seconds to make sure it's debuffed on the boss, but unless you're only doing aoe pulls there's no need to spam it. Prioritize SS/Rev/Shockwave over all else and use Devastate when those are on CD. Keep TC and Demo shout up when needed, but don't spam ever. Heroic strike when you have say 40+ rage or more (most bosses will keep you rage capped).

    For trash, let the pally tank it while you go get a sandwich or something, not joking.
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    I never (ok very rarely) have any problem with AoE aggro on my warrior. I think your problem is your rotation. Although I do agree with the gear point made above, and I am unable to check your spec. My rotation is ... well not a rotation, but a priority system (always do the lowest number available) ...

    1. Thunder Clap (regardless of whether mobs already have debuff ... I spam this whenever off cooldown)
    2. Shockwave
    --- the rest only if you have enough rage to pop #1 or #2 should it come off cooldown ---
    3. Glyphed Revenge
    4. Shield Block
    5. Shield Slam
    6. Devastate (if mob not stacked to 5)
    7. Demoralizing Shout
    8. Devastate (regardless of stacks)

    Glyphed Cleave as rage dump when over 50 rage ... which is most of the time for me. Try to keep Battle Shout up because #1 and #2 are impacted by AP. Use +AP trinkets.

    Use these priorities and you should have no troubles. It looks to me like you may be getting rage straved with all those cleaves ... especially early in fights. You should make sure you always have enough rage to keep TC and SW on cooldown as they are your primary AoE attacks.

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    I definitely dont think your gearing is the problem and definitely dont agree that Warrs are OTs but other than that I see some things that would be worth changing but wouldnt effect your threat very much, leads me to believe its your rotation.

    Vigilance is key, I usually go for the Hunter/Rogue/Warrior in the beginning but you should be able to move it during a fight to get threat off someone..

    Charge in, Thunderclap, Strafe left/right to group em up and turn em around, Shockwave, Demoralizing Shout then start laying Devestate, Tab around looking for any mobs starting to get away from you Devestating and Shield Slam/Revenge them..
    Otherwise just keep hitting Heroic Strike (1 mob) or Cleave (Packs) (When you have >40 Rage) and devestate, Shield Slam/Revenge when they are available. When I run into a boss I usually hit Concussion Blow to get a good lead on Threat, or when its my turn on bosses that have taunt-switching required.

    I find if the mobs are going for a particular person thats not the healer its usually someone hitting a mob that you are not targeting, so you can adapt and Tab around to check but sometimes theres not much you can do about trying to keep the whole pack on you when a 6k GS hunter is picking and choosing which mobs to lay into..

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    Thanks guys all sounds logical, I do use SW in my rotation and devaste dont worry The Hoof, I keep TC on CD out of habit but will change that habit on single target tanking. My tab targeting seems to a problem from your advice so I will start to rotate through my targets to to check my aggro on them. I'll also try swapping in some bits of dps gear...

    ty peeps

    lets hope I make raider
    I kill untill I am told to stop, and in that period I do not question the killing. To do so would be nonsense, and innappropriate.

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