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Thread: New to Tanking

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    New to Tanking

    This is my first tank and was wondering if I'm headed in the right direction. I've been able to do heroics and VoA without problems, but am I spec'd right since no 2 DK's are the same?


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    Talents look good, glyphs look good, i would change out the +24 gems with Epic +30 stam gems when you can, also get the scarab trinket that drops off the faction champs in toc 25. Looks like you have been in ICC a few times and i would most definately get the two handed ax ramaldi's blade of culling off saurfang in 10 man so you can put two +30 stam gems in there also. You are headed in the right direction looks like, i have been DK tanking for a little while now, someone with a lot more experience behind them can prolly weigh in and have a lot more to tell you.
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