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The reason why people want unique buffs is because there are always people who can't do the things that are required for an encounter. They can't move and DPS. They can't stay out of the fire and heal. They can't avoid the ghosts and decurse. There are a LOT of those people out there. They're nice people and they want to see the content too.

When there are unique buffs, they can join a guild that can actually do the content and the only thing they have to do is keep themselves alive (which if they focus on that they're usually ok at). When there aren't unique buffs, they can't get into a good raid guild, so they get stuck in a casual raid guild. A guild full of those people isn't going to be able to do most of the encounters that are out there (think Mimiron, General Vezax, Twin Valks, Rotface, Blood Princes, Sindragosa).

So what's going to happen next? The fights are going to be dumbed down even further so that guilds full of those people can 'see the content'. Maybe we'll see the interesting content in heroic modes, but given the fact that they keep saying it's difficult to totally change mechanics from normal modes to heroic modes, I don't know what they'll do. More 'optional' bosses?
Blizz's design was for people to see the Lich King not for people to see Yogg. I've posted this before and I'll say it again: It's too early to speculate on the difficulty of the raids in Cata. The sky is not falling. This post is based on speculation not data, kinda hard to convince you or anyone else that this will happen. Best advice for you: stick around, play Cataclysm, then let me know how the raids play and feel.