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Thread: My tanking is crap please help!

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    My tanking is crap please help!

    Well first of all Iím still kind of a noob at the whole tanking thing so I need some advice here is my armoury link.
    I donít really know whatís wrong I canít seem to hold the threat I can generate it but it is taken away so faster just as fast. Is it because my strength is too low? Is my gear that crappy? Or am I just somehow screwing up?
    if my gear is that bad what are the ideal stats to have for a tank like what is the def cap whats the block suppose to be at , stamina, parry, armor so on and so forth.

    If anyone can tell me where Iím going wrong on this Iíd be very grateful. thank you in advance.

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    Start Here: http://www.tankspot.com/showthread.p...-Tanking-Guide

    I can't look at your armory, but will try when I'm not at work.
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    Lets start with Gearing, in short the fact that you are still doing it. Now heriocs and emblems are your friend just que and run till your fingers fall off.

    So lets start rotation for threat it is called the 969
    Gearing wise these are my gripes so far are
    Gems you put parry in there please just never do that i cant stress this enough NEVER GEM AVOIDANCE
    Your missing the argent crusade head enchant and your already exalted swing by and grab one, also sons of hodir rep needs to be raised
    you have BS'ing but dont have your bracer and glove sockets get them please ungem all of what you have and just gem straight stam (with the head enchant and a renenchant of def on the sheild you will still be crit immune)

    Just learn 969 and keep grinding (aim for a black heart out of normal ToC if you can get it the stam+ armor proc is fantastic but i tell everyone here that)

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    He could probably skip the hodir rep and pick up the stam/res enchant for shoulders. It is sold in SW at the pvp vendors for 10k honor.

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    OK first of all... you have 2/2 Spiritual Attunement and 5/5 Benediction. The recommended setup for Prot Paladins is 1/2 SA and either 0/5 or 1/5 Benediction.

    You also have neglected several talents that would make threat significantly easier. Seal of Command is basically the Staples Easy-Button of AoE threat. Press it, go through your rotation, and mobs are on you like glue. Crusade is also a very important threat talent - on its own 1% damage (and thus threat) per talent point is not a big deal, however because the vast majority of mobs and raid bosses (outside of Ulduar) meet the full criteria, it's more like 2% per point. Very valuable.

    Most disturbing, though, is the Consecrate glyph. A tank should never ever glyph Consecrate. It messes up your 96969 rotation. If you don't know what that is, please read the link TinyTankz posted for you.

    So once you've learned the rotation, this is the spec I use and recommend: http://www.wowhead.com/talent#sZV0tAbuMusIufdtsMzbcG (the third glyph slot can be one of several options - Judgement, Hammer of the Righteous, Salvation, Righteous Defense)

    Now, gear. You need to fully enchant your gear - that means cheap stuff for now. Titanium Weapon Chain to weapon, +20 defense to shield, +16 defense to cloak, etc.

    You also need to stop gemming for pure avoidance, especially parry (which has steeper diminishing returns than dodge). All gems should be green purple or blue - as a fresh 80 you should probably gem to most if not all socket bonuses, but make sure you don't neglect your health pool in the process.

    And yes, definitely go get Black Heart to replace your dodge trink.

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