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Thread: Things I can/should change?

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    Things I can/should change?


    I'm trying to push my guild a little harder in raids (we're currently on Sindragosa normal, my guild is nothing spectacular), and some things I'm aiming at for them to improve are dps rotations, having the *right* gear and talents (not just good gear, but the best suited for their talent spec), etc. And obviously I'd like to make sure before I go around everyone that there aren't many issues with my gear and talents.

    To put it in perspective, I'm the MT in all our raids (I'm also the RL and GM but that doesn't really matter much in this case) and I've been gearing more towards effective health/armor rather than avoidance, which on ICC seems to be only useful in Saurfang.

    My DPS rotation is based on priorities, usually it goes like this: Shockwave -> Shield Slam -> Concussion Blow -> Revenge -> Devastate.

    Also, if it's worth anything, on LK (10 obviously) I'm solo tanking Soul Reapers (Bloodrage - Shield Wall - Bloodrage - Last Stand + Corroded Skeleton Key + Juggernaut's Vitality), and I also leave P1 MT of the Lich King and take care of the ghouls and vrykuls myself (since I can throw Vigilance on the OT and taunt ghouls to me to let Necrotic Plague build over time while the raid focuses solely on Arthas.

    Link to my armory: http://eu.wowarmory.com/character-sh...onda&n=Kazdane
    WoL for yesterday's raid (Sindragosa 25) http://worldoflogs.com/reports/rt-jg6fifi1msxb53fw/

    So, any advice on what I should change? Thanks in advance!

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    To start i would like to say your gear is as near perfect as i could ever hope to get my warrior to. ( i am drooling IRL)
    only a few things jump out, your drowning in hit (not your fault it happens sometimes) try swapping your chest for http://www.wowhead.com/item=50968 if you want it will about put you at exp cap keep you above hit and not break any set bonuses.
    the threat enchant on your gloves may be necessary ( i dont know how much of a problem threat is for you) but if you swap it for the 240 armor enchant your getting more EH out of some stellar gauntlets.
    In your gemming you have also gone out of your way for parry, while Chill of the frozen throne takes away 20% dodge it doesn't make dodge any less effective (really they could have put all enemies have a 20% increased chance to hit you) I don't think you have reached the point where point per point parry gives more avoidance than dodge ( someone with the math help me here)
    $0.02 about what my criticism is worth you are clearing content i wish a was ready for and these are me looking for every last bit of hate i can muster so you can go to your guild and say i got my game where's yours.

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