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Thread: Just switched MM from Surv...need some help.

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    Just switched MM from Surv...need some help.

    Hello there

    Yesterday, I switched from my old Survival spec into a MM one in hopes of a higher damage and dps output. However as I tested it out on a training dummy, I was seeing solid results of about 4.5k dps and 5.2k dps if I popped my trinket. I feel like it's a little low and am wondering (if it is low) how I can improve. I'm currently using a rotation of Serpent Sting>Silencing Shot>Aimed Shot>Chimera Shot>Steady Shot. As Surv in ICC I would pull , on average, around 7-8k dps. Any tips, hints or advice from experienced MM Hunters would be greatly appreciated.

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    Training dummies suck at giving accurate results tbh. Get yourself buffed in a raid and watch those numbers then it's only way to get accurate numbers. Even a heroic with pally and Druid would help.
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    dummy's make for good tools to work on your rotation, but they do not serve you justice unless you get all the necessary raid buffs you would have on you and debuffs on the boss/dummy to provide you with accurate dps numbers. It also doesn't take into account buffs gained during fights, movement, etc. Use the right tool for the right purpose. Sometimes changing specs means certain buffs have greater effects on you than another (example 1 spec relies heavily on physical based shots, while another is 75% magic damage based shots; therefore things like sunder armor, will greatly increase the physical dps more than the magic based one).

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    Change your rotation. Lead with Silencing Shot to proc your trinkets, then hit Serpent Sting, Chim Shot, Aimed Shot, Steady Shot. You don't want to put Serpent Sting on the target until you get the buffs from your trinkets since every time you refresh Serpent Sting with Chim Shot, you refresh at the original Serpent Sting damage amount - so if Serpent Sting gets a damage increase benefit from your trinket procs, you keep getting that benefit every time you refresh with Chim Shot. Makes a huge difference.


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