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Thread: Criticism for my Fury Warrior?

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    Criticism for my Fury Warrior?

    Hey tankspot, I've been working on my fury warrior for a while and have done some research on various things. In order to be an effective contribution to my raiding guild I'd like to check and see some criticism about my warrior where he's at right now.

    Armory: http://www.wowarmory.com/character-s...iders&cn=Infil

    Recent WoL: http://worldoflogs.com/reports/rt-0u...?s=4478&e=4675

    So far we've killed up to BQL and we're working on Putricide atm (25man).
    I'll be losing greatness as soon as Whispering Fanged Skull drops from my 10 man.
    What wrists should i get?
    Worth switching to 4-piece t10 if my guild imposes a 2-token limit (for now until we clear more end bosses)?
    Oh, also, what is everyone's opinion of cat's swiftness as a boot enchant?

    I really appreciate any input that could help me perform as well as I can. Thanks!


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    First thing i see is your meta, use the +21agi,3%crit damage meta(Relentless Earthsiege Diamond). This will allow you to gem your legs with +20str instead of +10str/+15stam, basically your dropping 2 strength for 15stamina, survivability shouldn't an issue where you need to use dreadstones. Overall everything looks ok, and yes 4p T10 is awesome for fury. With your setup, if you dont forsee heroic modes soon, I would go with Helmet, Shoulders, Chest, Legs of T10, this will allow you to replace your Exp gems with Str, or ArP gems, and net a higher overall gain than your current setup.

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