The guild I tank ICC 25 mans for has asked me to help out and bring an alt to their ICC 10 mans. My only 80 alt is a warlock. I was able to burn to 80 using BoAs and don't feel like I learned as much as I could.

My armory:

Spec: Affliction

Gemming: I'm not 100% sure how to gem. I followed EJ's guidlines, but I feel like I should be skipping the bonus in most spots and going straight +sp.

Enchanting: I think I've got most of these down, feel free to correct me.

1. Life Tap (glyped)
2. Haunt
3. Corruption (at the begining of the pull I try to sneak in my on use sp trinket to get the extra damge for rolling corruption)
4. CoA
5. UA
6. Drain Soul (below 25%)

Pet: Fel Hunter

Also what is a good dot management add on. I find it pretty difficult to time the casts correctly to not clip/or be down too long. I find that my dps varies a lot (+/- 500-1000 dps) on fights that don't require a whole lot of movement and varies a lot (expected) on high movement fights.

Thanks for any help in advance