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Thread: Should i go for the 4peice T10 bonus or 264 vendor gear?

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    Should i go for the 4peice T10 bonus or 264 vendor gear?


    First off im a DK tank spec'd in blood for single target and frost for AoE, atm i have no problem with threat but haven't gone past the 1st wing of ICC. So i don't have much experience in picking what would be a good gear upgrade for my forst emblems.

    This is my armory page : http://www.wowarmory.com/character-s...maul&cn=Vedron

    I also have Glyph of Indomitability, Juggernaut Band, Citadel Enforcer's Claymore and Band of the Twin Va'kyr

    Im not sure at what time's which items are better, I have heard that sometimes Stacking armour and EH is better and that other times stacking avoidance is better, but what i want to know how should i be gearing, should i be aiming for the 4 set T10 tank bonus or should i get the 264 vendor frost upgrades like Cataclysmic Chestguard, Gauntlets of the Kraken and Corroded Skeleton Key.

    At the moment in not in a raiding guild and pug my ICC 10 and 25 every week, but i want to join a guild and start progressing through the ICC content, i think im almost geared enough but am wondering what i should be spending frosts on for the normal 10 and 25 ICC progressions. I have a feeling the T10 4 piece bonus would be useful but can't bring myself to buy the pieces as the 264 vendor gear seeming much better and atm i don't have access to marks of sanctification.

    I got lucky and got my legs from Voa 25 and would like to get the 2 peice set bonus, but i have been thinking of crafting Pillars of Might because they have so much extra armor and stam (with and extra socket) but don't want to waste my T10 legs. I hear that the Pillars of might are the best peice to drop from the T10 set for the 4 piece bonus, but again don't really want to waste the legs i have now

    So pretty much im confused about which path to go down, 4 peice T10 or vendor 264 gear and pillars of might?

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    Personally I'd go t10 hat/gloves for the 2 piece, yeah the 4 piece is really good but with VB and IBF and the right talents I seem to have enough CD's.
    Token chest and belt, and get the death forged legplates and gargoyle spit bracers from Saurfang 10, spaulders off blood princes 10 (nice hit on em).
    Take a look at my tanking stuff and you'll get the idea.. sorry tanking isnt my main spec but all the gear is pretty easy to get.

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