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Thread: Enchanement DPS - Gemming Issue.

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    Enchanement DPS - Gemming Issue.


    I'm in my "offspec", though it shows as my primary specification, Restoration is actually my main-spec, the one I raid with. I've logged out in my Enchanement Gear so you can have a look at it.

    Ignore the fact that the boots and belt have no craftedsocket/enchant/gems, they're new, and I've not got round to it yet.

    Am I gemming/enchanting right? 'coz I don't reckon I am.. I'm 5100 Gearscore on the GearScore addon, and I feel at that level I should be doing more then 2500 DPS.. I don't think it's my rotation. I use ShockandAwe for that and I follow it quite religiously..

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    not sure what is going on here, you way outgear me : http://www.wowarmory.com/character-s...light&cn=Dazza

    and i pull about 5k dps on a single target low moving fight

    the only thing i can think of is that your hit is a little low unless your gearing for raid buffs like misery - as an enhance shammy, it sucks but you need to gear for both melee expertise softcap (140 rating ~26 expetise) as well as spell hit cap - if you dont gear for raid buffs - your looking at getting your hit up to 446 rating

    other thing is that i wouldn't gem specifically for arpen - crit/haste works out much better for enhance shammies

    only other difference is the fire nova talents but i don't think that that would improve your dps by another 2.5k if you really are pulling 2.5k dps only - i would look at your rotation once you fix up your hit a little - we work on a priority rotation

    hope this helps a little, mebbe someone else can point out anything i might have missed or given wrong info

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    shouldnt you be stacking haste after 4500 AP?

    also. you do a lot of spell damage, ArP isnt good to gem for, ever.

    you should be using the 21 agi / 3% crit damage meta.

    make sure your rotation is correct. read about it here

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    You need another 32 expertise to be capped, 7 more hit. And according to Rawr it says ye should do about 2.1k white dps (so ye should do better then 2.5k)
    I can strongly recommend that you download Rawr (search google) follow advice on how to gem etc.

    btw im also enh as offspec (resto main) only problem i get is when fighting moving-kited bosses my dps is damn low, but on bosses like Saurfang i can pop about 7k dps.
    My gs on addon is 5.3k and I only did 1.9k dps on Professor in icc last night

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