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Thread: Upgrade Conundrum

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    Upgrade Conundrum

    oook. Having quite the internal debate over this, so I thought I'd get some opinions...

    I've got my 95 badges for my next t10 upgrade...but which to choose...

    I was initially going to go with the helm. I have the 232 helm off Ony 10, which has been very good to me. I always felt the stats on that were very good for the item level.

    I also have the 232 t9 chest.

    Now, I think upgrading the chest to t10 is the larger stat upgrade...I gain more stam and armor that way, though I dont pick up quite as much avoidance or str. But in upgrading the chest, i lose my t9 bonus...which brings me to one of the questions...

    Do the 5% to HoR from t9 and the 20% to HoR from t10 stack?

    If i upgrade the helm, I gain a TON of STR and Parry, but I only gain 3 stam and about 120 armor (vs gaining...30ish stam and over 1k armor on the chest). However, I keep my t9 bonus this way...

    I know in the end I can replace both, but with spring here and school getting busy for many (and due to military deployments) our guild hasn't been raiding quite as much, so badge grinding is a bit slower.

    My other thought was VoA...i wasn't sure if t10 chests drop in VoA or if it was just gloves/legs.

    Aaaanyway...any thoughts? here's my armory link


    Feel free to give some criticism (preferable friendly!) about anything else you notice too :-p

    Thanks in advance


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    70 views and no thoughts?

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