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Thread: With my current gear, what is the highest level of content I should try?

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    With my current gear, what is the highest level of content I should try?


    So I've been a tank since I've hit 60, and I know I have the skill. I just recently started playing again for a bit after taking a break and am playing a bit of catch-up with my gear, but that is going pretty smoothly luckily. Now I just have to figure out what content I should be going after. I was thinking ToGC, but I'm not positive. Any help would be great, and feel free to critique my gems, chants, spec, etc.


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    ToGC would be rough for you i'd think. Some easy upgrades to get would definitly be the 245 badge helm and the 245 craftable bracers, which are cheap to make now. And your not really pushing the exp softcap so I would say to lose the hit/exp gem, also you only need one red gem to activate your meta and the str/def gem if you really need the def, picking up one of the two items I mentioned will do it, and also use a def/stam gem. Keep in mind when gearing and gemming, and EH is the most effective way to set up his/her gear.

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    Yea, try and do toc10 and toc25 normal. Get some more gear from badges or crafted gear also, then work up to togc and icc. Right now you're geared like an ulduar tank. When we first stepped into togc25, I believe I was just under 40k unbuffed.

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    Your best bet is to get the crafted breastplate(White Knight) and the crafted bracers. Get the badge helmet, ring, shoulders and lastly the trinket. That should push you farther towards 30k armor.
    Those will see you through TOC25 and some ICC10.
    The mats for the crafted stuff are now dirt cheap. Titansteel can be transmuted by an alchemist who hands it ofer to a miner. The primals can either be farmed or simply exchanged for Frozen Orbs. Crusader Orbs can be bought with badges.
    If you are like me and want to craft your own stuff then run TOC25 every week. Or try to pick up the plans in the AH(might still be expensive).

    So run instances. Do so for a couple of days. You will need a ton of badges and Frozen Orbs. Try to lay your hands on as much Saronite for Titanium XMutes. Many many Frozen Orbs for Titansteel transmutes will be needed. Those XMutes are now off the CD. This is in fact your quickest upgrade path. And will make you ready for the first wing of ICC10.

    Do NOT go for the 4pc warrior set. If you can't upgrade all pieces then you are better off with off-set items. Hang onto the gloves and the trousers until you either can upgrade them or replace them with something better. Be happy for your shield. That's one headache less. Rimefang's claw is worth a Blood Draining enchant. If cash is tight, then stick to blue gems in iLvL 232 stuff. The iLvL 245 stuff is hard to replace outside of ICC10, so it is definitely worth the epic stones.

    I'd enchant the breast with +10 stats and for the shoulder a nice stam/resil enchant is actually best(resil not doing anything for you but 30 stam is 30 stam).

    Save up your frost badges for either the belt or the cloak. Both are hard to upgrade without raiding.
    If you get lucky and get a nice belt or cloak from TOC25 make replacing them a lower priority.

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