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Thread: Flesh rot - how do other bears deal with it

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    Flesh rot - how do other bears deal with it

    Question to the other bear tanks out here. I feel I am taking way to much damage from the worms in the Valithria Dreamwalker fight. Comparing my logs to my fellow tank in 25 man shows I take 186103 he is 30584 (warrior). I know mechanics here don't favor the bear tank (tic on every melee), but are there any tips I can do different? Right now I am using 2 to 3 swipes to get initial aggro, then have the DPS AOE them.

    Things I am thinking about:
    1) Upping the nature resistance (head, back, and bracers)
    2) Using hurricane with barkskin, but that's going to be very situational, since I need to pop out of bear.

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    Make your dps kill them faster. They destroy me if dps is slow,too.

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