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Thread: which of these 4 t10/frost/crafted pieces should I get next?

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    which of these 4 t10/frost/crafted pieces should I get next?

    My armory: http://www.wowarmory.com/character-s...rall&cn=Berune

    I have a little over 100 frost emblems saved currently, and about 5k gold on hand. Prim. Saro's go for about 1400g on our AH, on average.

    I run ICC 10 (normal diff.) with my guild. We down festergut regularly, still working on rotface currently. I am sometimes able to pug into icc 25, with mixed results, usually stopping at saurfang.

    ToC 25 is pug territory, but doable I would say.

    I've only been able to get into VoA (25 and 10 both usually) about once every three weeks or so (allies are always outmatched an loose wg on Thrall even with lots of tenancity).

    I also run daily RHs whenever possible (I average about 8 frost emblems a week from RH's, I think).

    With that all in mind, I am looking for advice on which of the following upgrades I should get next:

    - save/go-broke for pillars of might (probably the biggest upgrade, but super-expensive for me)
    - T10 legs (I really like the expertise and dodge...will loose some anyway when I upgrade my helm)
    - T10 helm (+ armor/stam mostly, - expertise I think)
    - T10 shoulders (single-digit upgrade across the board)

    so basically I think it comes down to - splurge big-time for the pillars, and not see another (badge) upgrade for quite a while, or, maybe get a T10 set piece now, followed by another set piece shortly, to get to the T10 2-pc bonus a lot sooner.

    What do you guys think?

    Sorry this is long...wanted to get as much context in here as I could. Thanks in advance for your replies!


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    Toronto, Ontario. (I understand I play an EU server.)
    You need to replace that glyph of indominability for corroded skeleton key (60 frost emblems). This will give you +228 stamina, (Which would be the best upgrade, don't you think?). Unless they serve a purpose, I believe you should opt out your shoulder enchant for the 30 stamina 15 resillience one available for 10,000 honour. That's just my opinion anyways.

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    Pillars are best until cataclysm for survival so if you can, go for them. they're your biggest upgrade by a mile. Anything else would be a serious waste of badges. They're far, far better than T10 legs. Shoulders are a slight upgrade. Keep pugging ICC25 and win the helm of Deathwhisper. Eventually, you'll get it and its comparable to T10 helm. Do not waste badges on the skeleton key yet.

    If you're having trouble making gold, grind out some battlegrounds and sell gems to get primals.

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    Ok, thanks for the replies... really needed someone to tell me to avoid temptation, and keep working towards the pillars of might lol

    I've managed to catch some deals on primordial saro's...up to 6 currently, and I have the other mats for the pillars already (without spending badges)...so hopefully it won't be long. If I manage to get those made w/o spending badges though, should I maybe go for the shoulders next?

    trinket-wise, I am addicted to the armor (and on-use) from the glyph...will probably stick with my current trinkets for a bit yet, unless I run out of other things to buy with badges.

    I have seen the icc25 helm drop once... co-tank from my own guild, in the same pug, out-rolled me lol.

    As far as making gold goes - I have ways to do it...more just a function of my limited play-time that caps it for me. I have gotten some gems, transmuted em, and sold em. Also crusader orbs still sell for approx. 175g on average, on my server. So I have been buying those w/triumph b's and selling. Also, funnier but.... my guild mates send me pygmy suckers all the time (they fish a lot!), so I have cornered the market for stacks of gurus a few times too haha.

    If I am lucky now, I'll be be able to get two more primordials w/o spending frost emblems...which should free me to also get the T10 shoulders, and maybe the trinket, sooner rather than later.

    Thanks again for the advice!


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    The Armor is pro on the glyph, not sure if it beats out the skelly key/jugg's combo though.

    As said above, Pillars of Might are AWSOME. Bonus Armor FTW!

    EDIT: this might help you out as well, THX VENE!

    All credits go to him of course :P and his leet tanking site


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