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Thread: Fury Warrior looking for some info about gear and stats

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    Fury Warrior looking for some info about gear and stats

    Hey fellow tankspot peeps,

    To get right to the point, I play a war for about a month now and I like to have some advices on gear and stats because so far I was in the understanding that a fury war prior stats where "get hit cap(164) Get expe (26) and Arp around 50-52% with a trink to get hard capped And then go for strength. Ok thatís the way I try to gear and look for but no I feel like my dps I a bit low if I compare other peeps in raid. I am around 4,5k in icc10 and others put out 5,5k to 7k boss fight.

    So I read the other info on this site about fury war and see that a lot of people recommend the ashed ring ( agil) instead of the (str) and same thing on the belt.

    So my question is:

    1. why should I take agil gear and not go for plate dps gear?

    2. And should I roll and agil rings/gear to then? And not str plate? ( hunts and rogue, druids will love it )

    3. Can you give me some advice on my gear? So I am sure I am on the right track.

    Hope this will clear out a bit misunderstanding for me

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    Agility gear over Designed for us Melee Plate is always a wierd territory and rightly so. Agility Gear usually has Crit on it (plus crit from agility) Alot of it has ArP as well. It is a alot of theorycrafting but, i dont want to put it all down in math form. So far you seem to have it figured out in terms of Gear to buy to a degree. So for Gear recommendations.

    BoV over Mark of supremacy.
    Your over hit the procs are very close and you can ungem some ArP for StR

    Boot Enchant
    Cat's swiftness over 32 AP. Run speed increase lets you dodge fire faster and get back to damaging quicker means you may sneak in an extra WW or 7 so your dps will go up.

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