Hi everyone

Link to my armory

I want to upgrade by buying badges gear.
I have 101 EoF, every week I get about 35-40EoF. (every week I am killing bosses on Storming citadel on 10 and 25men version,+ voa10,25 + daily random+ weekly) Dont ask why we cannot kill Festergut and Rotface -
I have 1 Conqueror's Mark of Sanctification

Now I have to pieces T9, and I was thinking of buiyng 2xT10 (1st head item + upgrade it to 264) then shoulders.(the set bonus from T10 and T9 will scale??) Do you think its a good way or you can advise sth else?

2nd question, which of the badges gear is not worth to buy?

thanks in advance